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Mini Labradoodle: Features, Pros & Cons, & Health Issues

A mini labradoodle hugely owes its cuteness to the cross-breeding between a labrador retriever and a miniature poodle.

The then mixed breed is known as toy labradoodle or teacup mini labradoodle. They are quite popular in the United States and many other countries.

It was in the 1980s that an Australian introduced this fun-loving, smart, and social dog through breeding.

There are two types of mini labradoodles: one is called the American mini labradoodle, and the other is called the Australian mini labradoodle.

Mini labradoodles are active puppies that are friendly and gentle, especially with children.

They are easy to train, but since they are friendly even with strangers, mini labradoodles can’t be kept as guard dogs.

Also, their appearance hugely depends on what traits are dominant from each parent. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about mini Labradoodles before purchasing one.

Mini Labradoodle 101: Size, Characteristics & Health Guide

It is now time to know mini Labradoodle info in detail. Before buying a dog, you should keep track of their size, features, and the guidelines you must follow to keep them healthy.

1. Size of Mini Labradoodle

The mini labradoodle size varies from 14 to 24 inches in height and can be 15 lbs to 95 lbs in weight. A labradoodle’s size depends on its parents and the lineage. It is seen that the first generation of mini Labradoodles are usually bigger, but the hybrid from the third generation is smaller than them.

Moreover, it is difficult to predict the exact height of your mini labradoodle since it depends on various factors. The size of a mini labradoodle in adulthood also depends on the gender. Mini labradoodle full-grown males can be 10 to 15 pounds more than female mini labradoodles.

2. Characteristics of Mini Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodle

Before you decide on purchasing a dog, it is essential that you check for its features and whether or not it aligns with your lifestyle and desires. Following are some important characteristics you should know:

  • Size of Mini Labradoodle: These Labradoodles are smaller than standard Labradoodles. They are a great choice if you live in apartments or have small living spaces. They grow up to 14 or 16 inches, and their weight is somewhere between 15 to 30 pounds.
  • Coat Types of Mini Labradoodle: Mini Labradoodles have different coat types, like wavy, curly, or straight. In addition, they also have different shades of colors like black, brown, cream, chocolate, and many others.
  • Temperament: These creatures are friendly, loving, and sociable animals. They are very popular among children because they are not at all aggressive. They prove to be a great companion for family and friends.
  • Energy Level: Active dogs should be helped with regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Mental stimulation is essential for them, so they need playtime and daily walks.
  • Kind of Grooming Needed: The kind of grooming you need for your mini labradoodle depends on its coat type. Mini Labradoodles with wavy hair need regular brushing, and straight-haired ones require very little grooming. They might need professional grooming occasionally to keep the coats in good condition.

3. Health Guide for Growing a Mini Labradoodle

The Mini labradoodles are very easy to take care of, and due to their small size, they do not require regular brushing. Look at some basic health needs you should take care of to help your mini labradoodle grow well.

  • Food Requirement: These mini labradoodle puppies need 1 to ½ cups of dog kibble, but they should be high quality. You need to divide this food twice daily so they do not suffer from obesity or indigestion.
  • Exercise Needs: Being produced by the breeding of the two most energetic dogs, mini Labradoodles need intense exercise. They should be given an hour of exercise every day. Games like hikes and easter activities are some of their favorites.
  • Mental Needs: They need mental stimulation every day for at least 20 minutes. Playing games stimulates their mental health since they are highly intelligent. This will stop them from eating clothes, digging holes, and other such actions.

Mini Labradoodle: Height, Weight & Lifespan Comparison

1. Baby Labradoodle

Baby Labradoodle

2. Adult Labradoodle

Adult Labradoodle

Full Grown Labradoodle

  Mini/ Medium Labradoodle Standard Labradoodle
Weight 15-50 pounds 50-90 pounds
Height 13-20 inches 20-26 inches
Age 11-13 months 12.5-16 months

Mini Labradoodle Pros & Cons: What to Consider Before Adopting

Mini Labradoodle.

Now that you know the features of mini Labradoodles, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of having them as pets.

Pros of Having a Mini Labradoodle

  • Loving and Friendly Natured: This is one of the most loved qualities of a mini labradoodle. They are known for creating strong bonds with the family they are living with. They are very comfortable with strangers and spread warmth and joy to others.
  • Hypoallergenic & Low-Shedding Coat: If you want a tidy home and have someone with an allergy, then worry not. Mini Labradoodles are hypoallergenic and shed very little to no hair. You get to experience the love of a pet while having a clean house.
  • Gets Along with Children and Other Pets: These creatures are very friendly and gentle to deal with, making them popular among those who want a friendly pet at home. In addition, they are very patient and tolerant, making coexistence easier for everyone around them.
  • Great Adaptability: Mini labradoodles get used to a living environment quite easily. They are comfortable in all kinds of places, whether in an apartment or countryside. All they need is love and support from their owners.

Cons of Having a Mini Labradoodle

  • Need for Regular Exercise & Mental Stimulation: They will need you to play with them daily since they are very energetic beings. You must keep them engaged in playtime, sports, or walks. Only when they are exercised and mentally stimulated adequately will they stay well-behaved.
  • Well-bred Labradoodles can be Costly: Mini Labradoodles are hugely popular in US homes, leading to an inflated price. They can go as high as $3000, but there are mini labradoodles that cost less than that, too. So, those who want to have them as a pet must have a good sum of money ready.
  • Inherits Genetic Health Conditions from Parents: All dog breeds have the risk of suffering from various health ailments. Mini labradoodles are no different. They need proper care, nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation activities to stay fit. They can suffer from thyroid disease, eye diseases, centronuclear myopathy, and many more.

What is the Mini Labradoodle Puppy’s Personality Like?

Mini Labradoodles have a pleasing and charming personality. All love their unique and lovable personality, making them a popular choice among pet lovers. These animals are known for having an endearing temperament. Following are some specific personality traits of mini labradoodles.

1. Friendly & Sociable Creatures

Mini Labradoodles are known for being one of the most loved and friendly puppies. They are curious and outgoing creatures ready to make new friends. This makes them a great pet for a family with children, adults, or other animals.

2. Energetic & Quite Playful

These miniatures are a powerhouse of energy and inherit the features of intelligence and energy from their parents. They need intense physical and mental stimulation activities to stay happy and healthy. In addition, they can even be easily trained for such a personality.

3. Easy to Train

They are always eager to know more about inheriting it from their parents. Being very smart makes it easy to train and make them behave well. They do well in sports, training, and others due to their intelligence.

4. Adaptable

Mini Labradoodles can adjust to different living environments in an apartment or house. In addition, whether it is a relaxed or active household, they can get along well.

5. Loving & Easy to Bond With

You will find our mini labradoodle easily bonding with your children and family. Moreover, they are also loved by children because of their cool nature. They love spending time with their owners, playing games, or energizing themselves.

Mini Labradoodle Puppies: Facts, Controversy, and Price

young miniature goldendoodle playing in shallow water

Knowing the cost before you get a labradoodle for your home is essential. So know in detail about their pricing below:

1. Facts & Controversies

  • Mini Labradoodles are known for being intelligent, active, and energetic dogs. They excel in various sports and games.
  • They can have straight or wavy coats, which shed very little, making them a popular choice amongst families.
  • Since they are a hybrid, it is difficult to predict whether the mini labradoodle will have a curly or straight coat.
  • Mini labradoodles’ popularity is increasing, leading to irresponsible breeding practices. Breeders give more importance to their gain rather than the dogs’ well-being and health.

2. Pricing of Mini Labradoodles

Even though these animals are made from cross-breeding, they are in high demand for their personality, size, and characteristics. Their cost ranges from $500 to $4000. The price depends on certain factors, like whether you buy, adopt, or rescue it.

If you purchase them from a reputed breeder, they will cost anywhere between $1500 to $2000. You will have to pay more if you are looking for an exotic-colored labradoodle or a micro one. They can then cost above $3000. Thus, the smaller the labradoodle you try to buy, the higher the cost since it is quite difficult to produce.

The following are certain factors that determine the cost of a labradoodle:

  • Coat Colour: Mini Labradoodles are found in various coat colors and types. A multi-colored labradoodle will cost a lot more than a solid-colored one. If you plan to get a multi-colored one, you would probably have to pay $1000 more.
  • Demand: Mini Labradoodles are indeed quite popular. Reputable breeders will never force their canines to breed but will directly increase the price of the existing ones. It is one of the most essential factors for their excess cost.
  • Size: Labradoodles are found in small, medium, and standard sizes, but the toy or micro ones are the most popular. People are ready to pay hefty amounts to get them. A multi-colored teacup labradoodle costs $4,000, which is not surprising.
  • Area or Location: Location also plays a huge role in determining their cost. In different places, the cost of the labradoodle will be different. The cost can fluctuate by $400 when moving from one place to another.

Common Health Issues Faced by Mini Labradoodle Puppies

As we already discussed, mini Labradoodles are prone to being affected by various health diseases. They might develop health issues for various reasons like genes, lifestyle, etc. Following are some of the most common diseases that mini labradoodles can suffer.

1. Vision Problems & Eye Diseases

Most of their eye diseases can be because of genetic conditions. Progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and retinal dysplasia are common types of eye diseases found in mini labradoodles. Some symptoms of eye diseases are loss of vision at night, clumsiness, decreased pigment of the eyes, and others.

2. Ear Infections

There is a high risk your mini Labradoodles can develop ear infections because of their big floppy ears. While they are adored for their ears, these same ears can trap excess moisture and dirt, leading to infections there. Other reasons can be hair growth inside the hair, ear mites, hormonal imbalance, and many more.

3. Gastrointestinal Issues

They have quite sensitive stomachs and can be affected easily by food allergies and intolerance. If their diet is low in fiber, eating food that they should not, stress, infections, and many more can be reasons for their gastrointestinal problems. Vomiting, bloating, weight loss, and constipation are some symptoms to look out for for their digestive issues.

4. Cancer in Labradoodles

It is seen that mini Labradoodles of age above ten usually develop cancer. Most of the aged Labradoodles die of cancer, and there is nothing much to do to heal them. But those in their younger ages can still be treated. Some cancer symptoms in mini Labradoodles are bad odor from their ear, bum, and mouth, sudden weight loss, lethargy, and unexplainable bleeding.

5. Joint Issues

A Joint problem is a very common disease found in mini labradoodles. Knee issues, ligament damage, and hip and elbow dysplasia can be some. Patellar luxation is one of the most common issues that they go through. You must keep your dog’s weight in check, and their food contains glucosamine or chondroitin.

6. Lumps & Bumps in Labradoodles

They can develop weird lumps and bumps under their skin. Most of the time, they can be non-cancerous, but you should still consult a doctor as soon as you notice one. Often, they are fatty tumors called skin tags, lipomas, warts, and others.

7. Cruciate Ligament Damage

CCL is one of the most painful conditions that mini Labradoodles have to go through. In this condition, both or one of the tears of the cruciate ligament rupture completely. This holds the knee together, but as time passes, it can get damaged due to injury, body weight, or weakness. Some symptoms include limping, pain, swelling of the knee, and stiffness.


Mini Labradoodles are a perfect companion for those who want an easy-going puppy. Because of their friendly nature, they are suitable pets for families who want their kids to get along with them. Like any other breed of dog, they also need training to be well-behaved.

Because of their small size, they can fit in small spaces, helping pet lovers with small apartments to have pets, too. They are hypoallergenic dogs, which means you don’t need to be tense about having allergies from having them around.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, their features, pricing, and personality details, it will be easier to choose if you want these lovely creatures to be in your house soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lifespan of Mini Labradoodles?

The lifespan of mini labradoodles is 10 to 14 years. Since these are small dogs, they might live longer than their counterparts. In addition, taking proper care of your puppies and making them do enough exercise can help them live longer.

Is It True that Mini Labradoodles Don’t Bark as Much Compared to Others?

Yes, mini labradoodles bark in a moderate amount. They might bark a little seeing someone new, but with training, they can stop doing that, too. You shouldn’t be leaving your mini Labradoodles at home alone, or they can go through separation anxiety.

Do Mini Labradoodles Go Through a Lot of Health Problems?

If you have got your mini labradoodle from healthy parents, they rarely have any health issues. To know if they are going through any health issues, you should take them to the nearest vet and get them checked frequently. They might develop genetic issues like eye problems and joint dysplasia, as poodles and labs have these issues.

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