About Us

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Simba and Milo

We’re a group of animal lovers, Vets, and Pet Care Experts Who Came Together in 2018 with One Goal: To Help People Take Better Care of Their Animal Friends.

Our journey started when we realized how hard it can be to find clear, trustworthy information about pet care. We share Practical, easy-to-follow advice on animal care. There is no jargon or fluff—just real talk about keeping your pets happy and healthy.

Our team includes:

  • Vets who know all about keeping pets healthy.
  • Animal trainers who can help with tricky behaviors.
  • Nutrition experts to guide you on the best pet foods.

Your Ultimate Animal Companion!

Our aim is to provide you with accurate, up-to-date knowledge about the animal world. Whether you’re a pet owner, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply curious about animals, you’ll find valuable content here.

We cover a wide range of animal-related topics. For pet owners, we offer guidance on care, health, and behavior. If you’re fascinated by wildlife, we provide insights into various species and their habitats. We also discuss important topics like animal welfare and conservation.


Understand Our Animal Friends Better!

If you have a pet or want one, we have lots of useful tips. We’ll teach you how to take care of different animals, from feeding them the right food to helping them behave well. Our experts share their best advice to help your pets stay happy and healthy.

When you need to buy things for your pet, it can be hard to know what’s good. We try out many pet products and tell you what we think. We look at food, toys, grooming tools, and health items. We know every pet is special, so we give you information to help you choose what’s best for your animal friend.

We also write about wild animals and their homes in nature. You can read about many different species, including some that are in danger of dying out. We talk about ways people are trying to protect these animals and how you can help too. Learning about wild animals can help us all do more to keep them safe.

Keeping your pet healthy is very important. Our animal doctors share advice on how to prevent illness and what to feed your pets. We also tell you about new ways to treat sick animals. We help you know when your pet might be ill and what to do. Remember, it’s always best to take your pet to a real vet near you if they’re sick.