7 Best Cat Trackers and GPS Collars for Cats

Cats usually love to be independent and are adventurous. While you might want to give them all the freedom, taking care of their safety is equally essential. The world is developing at a faster rate and embracing technology all the more.

An advanced solution to keep your cats safe is to get them a cat tracker and GPS collar.

You can locate your cat’s real-time presence while helping you to check their health.

The additional features of these colors make it all the more useful. Ensure your companion’s safety by choosing the best and right type of cat tracker collar.

Understanding its importance and knowing which collar is best depending on your cat’s needs is the first step.

Importance of Cat Trackers and GPS Collars

Importance of Cat Trackers and GPS Collars

Cat trackers and GPS collars have numerous advantages. It would be best to buy a collar that suits your needs and the advantages you want from using them. Some of the advantages are discussed below:

1. Lost Cat Recovery

The most essential use of a cat tracker is to find your cat when lost. This helps you to protect them from going missing and have the real-time location of your companion. This increases the safety and speedy return of your cat.

2. Monitoring Activity and Health

These gadgets help you to track your cat’s health and activities. They provide health metrics like the temperature and hydration levels of your cat. This helps you to identify any future illnesses.

3. Geofencing

Using these trackers, you can create virtual boundaries for your cat to stay within. You will receive alerts when your feline friend crosses these boundaries, thus protecting your cat from going on the roads or being lost.

4. Training and Behavior Modification

You can use this gadget for training purposes and behavior modifications. By tracking their movements and observing their habits, you can check for their excessive roaming and other issues.

List of Best Cat Trackers and GPS Collars

Wondering which is the best cat-tracking collar GPS? Find out here. Now that you know the importance of these collars, let’s look at some of the most popular cat trackers available. Check out the pros, cons, and features of these cat trackers below:

1. Whistle Go Explore Pet Location Tracker

Whistle Go Explore Pet Location Tracker

You can easily attach the device to your cat. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks to provide tracking and real-time location data. You can also see how much time your cat is spending on exercising. It is lightweight and rechargeable, with a life of up to 20 days.

This waterproof device can cover a long range but with a subscription plan. The tag is quite bulky, making it uncomfortable for your cat to wear it for a longer period.

2. TabCat Pet Tracking GPS Cat Collar Tracker

TabCat uses RF technology and includes two tags, which you can use for two cats. You don’t need any monthly fee to use this device, making it an advantage for cat owners.

It includes a handset, and there is no requirement for an application. This lightweight tag does not provide any real-time location. Also, it covers only 400 yards, making it quite unpromising.

3. Girafus Cat Tracker

Girafus Cat Tracker

This device doesn’t make use of GPS but offers great tracking accuracy. You can use it for at least four cats without any monthly fee. It works well indoors as well as outdoors. The battery lasts for up to 30 days.

The tag is quite bulky, making it not so good a choice. It can’t be connected to an application, and the range covered is just 500 yards. If you want an unlimited range, you will have to consider some other tracker.

4. FitBark GPS Dog/Cat Tracker

FitBark GPS Dog:Cat Tracker

You can track your cat’s location while your Wi-Fi or phone coverage works. The battery is long-lasting, with 10 to 20 days of being active. You can use it to monitor the activity, calories, and overall health of your cat.

You can track the real-time location of your fur baby. However, you will need a monthly subscription to use it, and it has a bulky tag. It is heavier than many other tags.

5. Cube Pro Bluetooth GPS Tracker for Cats

If you are looking for the best collar, this Cube Pro Bluetooth GPS tracker can be the one. It has a thin design and is waterproof, making it a great choice for your cat. The best thing is that the battery lasts up to 12 months or 1 year.

It is easy to attach to your cat’s collar and a great value for money. However, it covers just an area of 200 feet. It is not as effective outdoors. This lightweight gadget comes without any monthly subscription.

6. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

Another GPS collar and tracker that gives accurate and real-time location. The range it provides is 3.5 miles, which is quite less. It is not waterproof and alerts you when your cat crosses the pre-defined boundary.

The battery lasts for 8 to 16 hours. You won’t need any monthly fee to use this lightweight device. It has a long battery life and includes a radar tracker, which is quite an advantage for cat owners.

7. Tractive Cat GPS Tracker

Tractive Cat GPS Tracker

This cat tracker monitors your cat’s real-time location and alerts you when they cross the pre-defined boundary. Its battery lasts for up to 5 days and can be recharged easily in 2 hours.

The tag is a bit heavy and requires a monthly subscription. However, it is a good value for money as it provides your cat protection to an unlimited range. This lightweight and waterproof collar has a long-lasting battery.

How Do You Choose the Best Cat Collar?

There are multiple collar options for your cat, but choosing the right one is what you need to focus on. Your feline friend’s safety, comfort, and style should go hand in hand when getting a cat collar. Check out some of the key factors that you need to focus on when selecting a cat collar:

  • Availability of safety release buckle: Look for a collar with a safety release buckle. It is designed to open when your cat gets caught on something. This prevents them from facing any injury or choking. It ensures that your cat is safe.
  • Reflective or glow-in-the-dark feature: Get a collar that has a reflective feature, as it will help you to search for your cat in a bush or when lost. This helps when you take your cat outside at midnight or evening.
  • Cost of the cat collar: These colors are available in different price ranges, so you need to make a sensible decision. Remember that safety and quality come before the cost. Expensive collars are more durable and ensure the safety of your cat.
  • Size and adjustability: Another thing to consider is whether the collar is of the right size. Make sure that the collar fits your cat right and that it is not too tight. It is better to get an adjustable collar that tells you about your cat’s health and keeps them safe.
  • App features available: Some collars can be tracked using an app. Most of these applications are user-friendly, while some can be complicated. Also, check whether the pp words are seamlessly in Android or iPhone.
  • Battery life of the GPS collar: When buying a collar, don’t forget to check the battery life. You must also check whether the battery is chargeable and how many days or weeks it stays. Some collars might want you to put in batteries, while others might have to be charged using electricity.
  • Subscriptions: Many collars come with subscriptions to use in particular locations. These subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually, depending on the device you are taking. The subscription price also varies depending upon the features the collar offers.
  • Material of the cat tracker: Collars are available in various materials like leather, elastic, nylon, etc. Choose a collar made up of durable material that will suit your cat’s needs. Lightweight and soft material is what they will prefer.
  • Comfort and weight: When buying a collar, make sure that the collar is comfortable for your cat. It should not be heavy or have sharp edges. Comfort comes before anything else.
  • The range covered by the collar: Another thing you need to consider is the range covered by the collar. Some might cover a few hundred feet, while others can convert a greater area. Also, many allow unlimited range, so buy the collar wisely.
  • Style and personalization: Cat collars are available in various colors and designs. Make sure you get a collar that suits their aesthetic preferences. You can even get one personalized for them.


Now that you know the availability of various cat collars and their pros and cons, it will be easy to choose the right one for your cat. From knowing about the real-time location to activity monitoring and health metrics, everything can be known from these GPS collars. They are more than just mere gadgets, as they offer an unparalleled combination of security and insight into your cat’s health.

The buyer’s guide helps you to know what kind of cat tracker and GPS collar you need to get for your feline companion. Your needs and preferences should align with the cat collar you plan to purchase. Ensure the health and safety of your cat with these tracking collars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Cat Tracker Work?

Cat trackers make use of GPS to track your cat’s real-time location. If you lose your cat, want to set boundaries for them, or monitor their health, these cat trackers can help you.

Is It Possible for Me to Track My Cat Internationally?

Many collars work internationally. But when you are with one of your cats, make sure that you check whether they work in specific countries. This type of collar is beneficial as it allows you to keep tracking your cat irrespective of where you are.

Are These Collars Safe for My Cat?

The cat trackers or collars are made while keeping safety in mind. They are lightweight and are made out of toxic-free materials. You will need to find a collar that is safe and comfortable for them.

Can These Cat Trackers Be Used for Training Purposes?

Cat trackers are used primarily for locating them and to monitor their activities. You can understand your cat’s behavior and habits, but it is not useful for raising purposes.

Can I Use a Cat Tracker for Multiple Cats?

Yes, it is possible to track multiple cats at the same time. Some of these types of GPS collars are mentioned above. However, it would be best to get separate tracking units or collars for your cats.

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