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Estimated Population: How Many Cats Are There in The World

Cats, whether domestic or feral, have been amazing companions for human beings for ages now. Multiple factors add up to the increase in the cat population.

Geographic location, human interventions, and reproduction rates are some of them to look at when calculating the number of cats. Undoubtedly, the cat population has been increasing over the years, and people have opened their doors to them. In this blog, you will find some interesting facts about cats, why humans, and the statistics on the number of cats worldwide love them.

Keep reading to know how many cats are there in the world.

Most Heartening Facts About Cats

Most Heartening Facts About Cats

Cats are one of the most common pets worldwide due to many reasons. Cats are loved not only for their cute appearance but also for their unique behavior.

You might like to know more about cats besides their headbutting love language and how they stretch before they sleep. Look at some of the most heartening facts about these adorable creatures:

1. Cats Nap for Almost 2/3rd of Their Life

For cats, every time is the right time to take a nap. They spend two-thirds of their life sleeping, while humans spend most of their life sleeping. Sleeping is essential for them so that their development process can keep going.

Only when they sleep a certain growth hormone is released. You can allow your cat to sleep with you only if you don’t have any allergies.

2. Cats Can Move Their Ears 180 Degrees

You must already know that cats have great hearing abilities, which is possible due to their ears that can move 180 degrees. They can hear frequencies higher than 20kHz, too. The decibel goes up to 64kHz.

Over 30 different muscles control their ears, and they can hear different tones and even identify the location of sounds.

3. Cats Scratch Furniture to Mark Their Territory

Cats have this unique way of telling other cats and you that the marketplace is their territory by scratching the furniture. They have a tiny scent gland on their feet, which leaves their smell on the furniture they scratched.

When they do this, it also means that they love the space and the people around them.

4. Cats Meow Only for Humans

Cats only meow when they talk to humans. They do not use this way to talk to cats or other animals. Kittens do meow to their mothers, but once they grow old, that is, become adult cats, they stop meowing to other animals.

Cats meow when they want to ask for food, greet people, or ask for attention. A pleasant meow might be used for asking for food, while a loud meow can indicate annoyance.

5. Cats Have More Bones than Humans

Cats are smaller creatures than humans, but still, they have more bones. Cats have almost 11% more bones than humans. While humans have 206 bones, cats have 250 bones. Most of these bones are in the cat’s tail.

The flexibility of cats comes from these bones. The cat has about 10% of all the bones present in a cat.

6. Cats Can’t Climb with Their Heads Down

Cats can climb a tree easily, but coming down is challenging. A cat prefers jumping from a height rather than climbing down. Cat’s claws are curved backward because of which they can push themselves upward.

When climbing down, their claws don’t give them enough support; they need to jump or wait for someone to help them.

7. Cats Also Dream

Like humans, cats also dream about their day-to-day activities. Their rapid eye movement when sleeping is an indication that they are sleeping. Some other signs that your cat is dreaming are when it twitches, chatters, or moves its paws while sleeping.

They can also sleepwalk, but in cats, it indicates brain damage.

8. Cats Purr for More Reasons than Just Being Happy

There are various reasons your cat might be occurring. Their purring is not always related to their being happy. Cats might purr when they are hungry.

Adult cats or mothers purr to talk to their newly born kittens. They also purr when they are injured, and it helps them to heal faster.

9. Cats Have One More Eyelid than Humans

Cats have a third eyelid known as a haw. This acts like a windshield wiper for them. When they blink, this haw moves horizontally to remove dirt or dust.

While this haw benefits them, it isn’t possible to see them. But if you do remember that, it means your cat is unwell.

10. Cats Have Quite a Rough Tongue

Cats have tiny spikes known as papilla on their tongue. This gives a strange sensation when they lick you.

These spikes are an essential part of their tongue since they help remove dirt and loose fur. This also acts like a brush for them to avoid tangling their fur.

Cat Population in China, Russia, Brazil & United States

With every passing year, the number of dogs worldwide is on the rise. The statistics compel us to think about what the cat population will be in the coming years. We will discuss in detail the countries that have the maximum cat population at the moment.

1. Cat Population in China

China’s pet industry has been rising consistently over the last ten years. It comes second in having the highest number of pet cats within its borders. It is anticipated that by 2023, there will be around 53 million cats in China, and the numbers will keep increasing.

2. Cat Population in Russia

It was seen that almost 34% of Russian households had cats. They even open their doors to cats for shelter and food. Russia ranks third in the chart of most cats in the country. They have an estimated 12.75 million cats across their country, making it the top 3 countries with the maximum cat population.

3. Cat Population in Brazil

In 2022, Brazil will have approximately 12.5 million pets in the country. They have a count of 34 million cats within the border. 60% of Brazilians own pets, among which common ones are dogs and cats.

4. Cat Population in the United States

The United States tops the list of the maximum number of cat populations in a country. It has a cat population of 76.5 million. Americans love pets, and when it comes to these fur babies, who can resist them? The United States spends the most on pets, that is, over $150 per person.

What Makes Cats So Popular?

Gray adult cat lies on the floor and licks the paws

There are several reasons why cats are so popular and considered a pet in so many households. Following is a list of factors that make cats a popular choice:

1. They are Naturally Clean

Cats are known to be naturally clean as they do not sit in dirty places and focus on self-grooming. When walking around, they are very careful. They don’t need to be bathed again and again, unlike other pets. They are greatly suitable for keeping them indoors.

2. Cats Adapt Themselves Quickly

Cats love being indoors, which makes them a good choice for apartments. While some places do not allow other pets, cats are an exception. They love bonding with their owners, and it helps them stay away from predators.

3. They are Quiet and Independent

Cats are so quiet that no one in the neighborhood will know about their existence. Moreover, you can leave them at home for a few days unattended, and they would welcome you the very same way.

4. Cats Live a Longer Life

Cats live a long life, say, 13-17 years old, while they can live up to 20 years. The longest-lived kitty was 23 years old. While you can enjoy their company for a long time, you must spend much time caring for them.

5. Known for Oxytocin Fix

Kittens can be really good for your health. They not only help release oxytocin but also help lower blood pressure, reduce risks of heart attack, and reduce anxiety. These felines are loved in the houses they stay in because of this reason.

6. Act as a Free Pest Control

Your cats can help in controlling pests at home. They are known for attacking mice, bugs, and even snakes at times. All you will need to do is clean the mess they create after killing or eating them.

7. Make an Excellent Meme

In the digital era, memes are a popular trend, and cats are quite humorous creatures. People love their expressions and actions and are even worth being a meme. Social media users have separate accounts dedicated to making their cats known worldwide.

8. Cats are Cheaper than Dogs

Purchasing cats is much cheaper as compared to dogs. Furthermore, vet care and pet insurance also cost much less. They are smaller in size as compared to dogs, which means they need less food. When you are away, they can take care of themselves. Thus you don’t need to keep someone to look after them.

9. Cats are Loyal Companions to Their Owners

When you have a cat by your side, you will never be bored. They need your attention and will ensure that you are doing just fine, so they even try to uplift their owner’s mood with their hilarious actions.

Statistics About Cat Populations Worldwide

What Makes Cats So Popular?

Cats are fantastic creatures and are loved by so many people worldwide. You will find out some interesting statistics about the cat population.

  • The District of Columbia has cat ownership of 16.4%, which is the lowest rate. Not only that, they also have the lowest rate of dog ownership at 22.5%. Moreover, only 38.2% of households have a pet.
  • Approximately 373 million cats are kept as pets around the globe. Also, statistics show that there are 70 species of cats.
  • Istanbul has over 1,25,000 cats that roam freely. People here love cats so much that they have water and food bowls lined up in the streets.
  • According to National Today, there are almost 73 million cats that are feral or unowned in the United States. Getting the exact calculation is difficult, though.
  • 27% of the now-owned cats were once stray cats.
  • Almost 1,00,000 cats manage to go back to their house from the shelters.
  • The highest number of cats in the European Union is in Germany.FEDIAF shows that pet ownership is increasing with every passing day.
  • Russia has 23.15 million domestic cats in the country, as mentioned by FEDIAF.
  • The cat population in Cat Island, Japan, is 6 times more than the human population.
  • The highest population of cats found in the UK is in southeast England. The estimate is about 8,02,000.
  • Russia holds 59% cat ownership, more than any other country globally.
  • 47% of the households in Romania own at least one cat. FEDIAF also mentions that Latvia is in the second position and Hungary in the third.
  • Out of 600 million cats, 400 cats reside in Asia alone.
  • 55% of the millennials consider cats as their children. They include cats in their family, providing them with all the necessities.
  • The average number of cats per household in the United States is 1.8. One in four US households has a cat.
  • According to ASPCA, cat shelters have to euthanize almost 5,30,000 cats yearly. The reason for this is that there are too many cats that they need to take care of.
  • It is seen that in a time frame of seven years, one female cat and her babies can have at least 3,70,000 kittens. This is the reason why TNR is important.
  • According to estimates, it is seen that about 2.1 million cats are adopted every year to provide them with a better life.
  • 2,2% more cats were adopted in the year 2022 as compared to 2021.
  • In 2020, there were almost 8.1 million pet cats in Canada.
  • Wondering how many house cats are there in the world? According to estimates, 16.7 million pet cats were there in Germany alone. Statistica’s reports for 2021 say so.
  • As mentioned by Peta, there are 60 million to 100 million feral cats that live in the United States.
  • Shelter Animal Count mentions that there were almost 26.1% of cats that entered shelters in the year 2022 were relinquished.

Are There More Cats or Dogs in The World?

While there are so many animals, most people keep dogs or cats as their pets. In a recent estimate, it has been seen that there are more dogs than cats in the world. It can be concluded that there are 700 million to 1 billion dogs in the world, while there are 400 million to 700 million cats.

This estimate does not include wild cats and wild dogs. Pets and strays are only included in this number. However, both canines and felines are loved equally by their owners as pet lovers.


Cats are the smallest family member of the feline family that is domesticated. These low-maintenance pets vary from being domesticated, strays or ferals. According to ASPCA, it is recorded that 6.5 million pets have to be taken to American shelter houses every year.

Certainly, estimating the exact cat population worldwide is impossible, but according to various surveys, it is known that there are millions of cats across the globe. The rise in acceptance from humans has increased the number of cats worldwide.

Now and then, cats are being born, which makes it difficult to track the exact number. Coexistence is the only way to a peaceful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Cat Breeds That are Endangered Currently?

Not all breeds of cats are in danger. Domestic cats are not endangered, but some specific breeds are at risk of extinction. For example, the Scottish Wildcat is one of them. People must be more humane and help little creatures with food and shelter.

What is the Impact of Cat Overpopulation on The Ecosystem?

Cat overpopulation can hurt the environment. They might hunt other animals, making them go extinct over some time. All animals or birds are equally important for maintaining balance and coexistence.

How Do Researchers Find Out the Cat Population?

Researchers use surveys, tracking, and other mathematical modeling to estimate the cat population in local regions or at a global level. Many organizations are dedicated solely to calculating populations of various organisms, people, birds, plants, and animals in the world

What are the Various Efforts to Control the Cat Population?

There are various programs like TNR, that is, Trap Neuter Returns, to control the cat population. You can also use neutering, spaying, and other methods to control cat breeding.

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