The Puppy Store at Post Oak Mall (name undisclosed)

Location: College Station, TX (US)


Dec 2005 - College Station, TX (US)
Not Charged: 28 puppies seized from mall pet store

The court ordered The Puppy Store to pay $190 in veterinary bills and fees for the two puppies. Jarrett testified that three of the puppies seized from the store, including one that was examined by Nieuwoudt, tested positive for giardia, a microscopic protozoan that can cause illness. Giles argued that the case was a public health concern because the diseases that were diagnosed in puppies from the store could be passed to humans. "Without proper checking and veterinary care, all of the animals in that store could be exposed to those same diseases," he said following the hearing. Giles said he thought the store should be required to have all of the puppies it sells tested for basic diseases.