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OK-Wetumka 21 Charged - Dog-fighting - 141 pitbulls seized
Expires: Dec 30, 2005
Send a Fax NowMay 25, 2004US
VA-Leesburg Cat thrown in trash can, stomped to death
Expires: Jan 9, 2006
Send a Fax NowOct 15, 2004US
NY-Putnam Valley Dog kicked to death
Expires: Jan 11, 2006
Send a Fax NowMay 29, 2005US
NC-Fairview Dog shot five times, mutilated with sword
Expires: Jan 25, 2006
Send a Fax NowNov 2, 2005US
TN-Wartburg 17 dogs and cats starved, woman abused
Expires: Jan 25, 2006
Send a Fax NowJul 3, 2004US
MT-Bernice Dog decapitated with chainsaw
Expires: Feb 27, 2006
Send a Fax NowSep 3, 2005US

1,611 total webfax action alerts have been sent through the Pet-Abuse.Com Action Alert system since the webfax alert system went online.

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