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Dog-fighting law broadened
A South Carolina bill targeting bloody hog-dog fighting has been broadened to target any contest involving dogs that harm or kill animals so their owners can make money. Read More

Court OKs limited warrantless searches
Police investigating a credible report may legally enter outdoor private property and seize evidence of a crime if it is within public view, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled. Read More

Dealing Dogs - HBO Special
On Tuesday, February 21st at 10pm/9c, HBO America Undercover will premiere DEALING DOGS, a documentary about Last Chance for Animals’ groundbreaking undercover investigation into pet theft. Read More

Senate passes measure banning bestiality
People accused of having sex with animals in Washington state would face a felony charge under a measure approved Saturday by the Senate. Read More

Change in animal-cruelty law sought
Animal rights activists and law enforcement officials urged a Maryland House panel Thursday to pass legislation that would close a loophole in the law that allowed an Edgewater jogger who forcefully kicked a nipping poodle to go uncharged. Read More

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