Get Pet-Abuse.Com Headlines Delivered to Your Desktop

Now you can get Pet-Abuse.Com news headlines delivered right to your Windows desktop with our new Desktop News Ticker. This exciting new tool will keep you updated on the latest cases and case updates automatically, downloading the most recent information and automatically updating throughout the day.

The Pet-Abuse.Com Desktop News Ticker does not have any hidden spyware, does not display advertisements - and its free to download and install!

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Download Pet-Abuse.Com Desktop News 1.0 Now!
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Installing Desktop News

To download and install the Desktop News, click on the download link above. You will be prompted with a dialogue box asking you if you wish to run or save the file. You may either select RUN and install the software directly from the server, or you may save the file to your computer and install it by double-clicking on the file.

If you choose to install the program directly from the server, click on RUN in the dialogue box. The file will download and the installation will automatically run. You may see another dialogue box with a "Security Warning", alerting you that the software in unverified. This is nothing to worry about, and you can safely click on the RUN button to begin installation.


And that's it! The Desktop News Ticker's installation screens will appear, and once you have followed the short installation process, your Desktop News Ticker is installed.

Desktop News Ticker Options

Your Desktop News Ticker comes with configurable options that allow you to customize your ticker:

  • Docked Up/Docked Down: this specifies whether the ticker appears at the top of your screen or the bottom
  • Scroll Speed: this controls the speed at which the news scrolls by. Scrolling speed is set to medium when you first install it, but you can increase or decrease the speed to suit your taste.
  • Pause Scroll: this allows you to temporarily stop the scrolling text
  • Open at Startup: this allows you to specify if you want your ticker to automatically start when you startup your computer.
  • Uninstall: this uninstalls the application completely from your computer
  • About: this screen provides additional information about the program
  • Quit: this exits the application

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