If you have a case that belongs in the database, we need the following information in order to consider it for posting. Fields in bold are required.

Information we MUST have:

Due to legal liability, we cannot consider adding any cases in which the requirements shown below are not provided. We MUST have court documentation ID numbers OR at least one media reference that we can verify.

  • Abuser Name(s) (unless abuser is under 18 and the name is withheld)
  • Aliases (when applicable)
  • Date of crime
  • City, state of crime
  • Court docket #s (whenever possible) or media references (such as news websites, local newspapers, etc) where story was published. (provide website links to media sites when available)
  • Current case status (alleged, convicted, etc)
  • Where was the animal when the crime occurred? (owners yard, neighbors yard, etc.)
  • Did the alleged abuser give any explanation? If so, what was it?
  • Did this crime occur within the context of a domestic disturbance or argument?
  • Reporting Party (no names, just type, such as neighbors, spouse, etc.)
  • How many animals were involved? How many survived? How many did not?
  • Was the animal examined by a veterinarian? (including necropsy if the animal did not survive.)
  • Sentence (when convicted)

Additional Helpful Information:

This information is extremely helpful in allowing us to provide the most thorough information. If this information is available to you, or if you can obtain it, please provide it with your submission.

  • Upcoming court dates and what the hearings are for (when applicable)
  • Abuser(s) age or DOB
  • Street address or block number of the location where crime took place
  • City, state of abuser's residence (when different from city/state of crime)
  • Birthday or approximate age of abuser
  • Name of investigating officer
  • Abuser's prior convictions (if any)
  • Did the animal(s) belong to the alleged abuser? If so, and if the court case is completed, were the animals returned to them?
  • Additional case details, photo, etc that you feel is relevant

Cases may be submitted to [email protected]. Whenever possible, please include the text of the news report in addition to the link. Some news websites take their articles offline after a few days, so including the news report with the link allows us to access the story and write a case file on it. Please be aware that Pet-Abuse.Com reserves the right to edit content.

Submitting Dog-Bite Incidents

To submit news reports of dog-bite incidents, please foward the news article to: [email protected]. (Please note - while we do not track dog-bite statistics, Merritt Clifton of Animal People News keeps extensive information about incidents of dog-bites, and sending an email to that address will reach him.)