There are 1,423 cases currently listed in the United States during the year 2011 with animals(s) dog (non pit-bull), or dog (pit-bull), or cat, or bird (other farmed), or bird (pet), or bird (wildlife), or captive exotic, or chicken, or cow, or deer, or goat, or horse, or marine animal (pet), or marine animal (wild), or opossum, or other companion animal, or other farm animal, or other wildlife, or pig, or rabbit (pet), or rabbit (wild), or raccoon, or reptile, or rodent/small mammal (pet), or sheep, or squirrel. Results are displayed 25 per page.

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NC-LexingtonDec 31, 2011 Three dogs starved, two dead
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDAnthony Dupree Jr. US
WV-CameronDec 31, 2011 Dead and starving cows found at farm
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDKevin Strope  US
MI-Flushing TownshipDec 30, 2011 10-pound dog beaten to death
CONVICTEDKenneth Edward Plouffe  US
NY-DelhiDec 30, 2011 Neglect alleged at pet hospice care facility
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDSusan Marino  US
FL-JacksonvilleDec 30, 2011 Reward offered for shooter of bald eagle
NH-ManchesterDec 30, 2011 16 cats, kittens found stuffed in crates
Neglect / Abandonment
NC-MooresvilleDec 29, 2011 Zoo owner charged with animal cruelty
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDHenry Hampton  US
CA-Orange CoveDec 29, 2011 Dogs found abandoned - 1 deceased, 1 euthanized
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDFernando Salazer  US
NE-FremontDec 28, 2011 Hoarding - 9 dogs, 3 cats, pot-bellied pig seized
ALLEGEDDaniel A. Newcomer
Ellyn R. Newcomer  
MO-El Dorado SpringsDec 28, 2011 Farm animals stolen, severly beaten, 4 dead
Beating, Theft
ALLEGEDHunter Harper
Joshua Markus
Tyrel Parsley  
FL-OcalaDec 28, 2011 Puppies neglected, 3 found dead
Neglect / Abandonment, Throwing
ALLEGEDTayon L. Alexander  US
NY-BrooklynDec 27, 2011 Dog starved nearly to death
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDLeedell Walker  US
CA-Manhattan BeachDec 27, 2011 Newly adopted special needs puppy stolen from car
CA-Palm SpringsDec 27, 2011 Cat shot with air rifle, euthanized
ALLEGEDRon Lee Conyne  US
NY-SchenectadyDec 27, 2011 4 dogs left in unheated storage facility
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDFrank Burns  US
FL-OrlandoDec 26, 2011 Dog-fighting - 17 injured dogs found
ALLEGEDSidney H. Garrett Jr. US
CT-New HartfordDec 26, 2011 Youtube Video Leads To Charges In Hunterís Arrest
Unlawful Trapping/Hunting
ALLEGEDAnthony Piana  US
CA-SacramentoDec 26, 2011 Teens arrested in catís stabbing‎
ALLEGED15 year old male juvenile
16 year old male juvenile  
NM-RoswellDec 24, 2011 Family dog beaten and shot
Beating, Shooting
ALLEGEDRobert Youngblood  US
CT-EssexDec 23, 2011 Four alpacas found stabbed to death
ALLEGEDShawn Malcarne
Kyle Roscetti  
OH-GalionDec 23, 2011 Cat shot with arrow
ALLEGED14 year old juvenile  US
FL-ChieflandDec 23, 2011 Dog shot, home set on fire
ALLEGEDArthur Lee Pipes Jr. US
IN-ElkhartDec 23, 2011 Puppy sealed in box, abandoned
Neglect / Abandonment
NY-BuffaloDec 23, 2011 Emaciated pit bull and 2 puppies rescued
Neglect / Abandonment
ALLEGEDMarvin Green  US
OR-Eagle Point Dec 22, 2011 Cat found burned
Burning - Fire or Fireworks
ALLEGEDName Undisclosed  US
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