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Case ID: 9411
Classification: Throwing, Kicking/Stomping
Animal: cat
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Sunday, Jul 23, 2006

County: Hartford

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Erik Rodriguez

A Manchester man was taken into custody, accused of trying to kill four kittens because of a disagreement with his girlfriend.

According to police, Erik Rodriguez, 22, threw four kittens out of a Main Street window.

A woman who was visiting the apartment where the event took place told local news that the man threw the kittens because he was angry that his girlfriend wouldn't have sex with him.

Veteran Manchester police officer Al Anderson responded to the call on July 23.

"One of the girls was crying. She said he threw the kittens," Anderson said.

Police said that after Rodriguez threw the kittens into the street he went outside and kicked them out into the street a little farther.

Anderson said two of the cats had to be put to sleep and the other two are receiving oxygen therapy.

Rodriguez is currently in Hartford lockup.


  • WFSB - July 26, 2006

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