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Case ID: 5594
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Sunday, Sep 18, 2005

County: Franklin

Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 8 files available

Alleged: Edward J. Williams

A local animal hospital is treating a dog that was shot, along with his owner on the night of Sept 18. Four-year-old Max could barely move after being shot in the leg.

Police said that Max's owner, Mark Milner, was shot in the back with a shotgun in front of his home. At some point, the dog was also injured.

"I hate to see Max in pain because he didn't deserve this," said Milner's girlfriend, Arlisa Williams. "A dog is just like a human being. I mean, you aren't going to shoot a child, so why would you shoot a dog?"

The shooting took place in the 200 block of North Oakley Avenue.

Police arrested Edward J. Williams, 28, of Columbus, and charged him with felonious assault.

According to police, Edward Williams emerged from inside Milner's home with a shotgun and shot Milner in the back.

Police took Edward Williams into custody a short time later.

According to Arlisa Williams, Milner is in critical condition and he doesn't know his dog was shot.

"If I had the money to get Max fixed, I would get him fixed, but right now I don't have it," she said.

After the story about Max and his dog aired on NBC 4 at 5:30 p.m. that Tuesday, Columbus Dog Connection made arrangements with Gahanna Animal Hospital to treat him.

Gahanna Animal Hospital doctors said Max has about 28 pellets of buckshot stuck in his leg and his bone was fractured.

He is being treated with antibiotics and they will know in about 10 days if he will make a full recovery.


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