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Case ID: 4999
Classification: Beating
Animal: sheep
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Monday, Jul 4, 2005

Disposition: Alleged

» 14 year old
» 14 year old
» 15 year old

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The RSPCA has joined police calls for anyone with information on the bashing death of a lamb and a sheep at a Hunter Valley high school to come forward.

Teachers at Dungog High School found the animals dead near the school's Agricultural Department on the morning of July 4.

It appears they had been bashed with a metal fence post.

RSPCA spokeswoman Claire Munro says anyone with information should contact police.

"The maximum penalty should anyone be found guilty of this offence is $22,000 and or two years in prison," she said.

"So we urge anybody with information to come forward, help the police in their inquiry. We abhor any cruelty towards animals and we certainly hope there's a speedy outcome to this situation."

If you have information on this case, please contact:

Case Updates

Maitland police have charged a Dungog teenager and questioned two others over the deaths of a sheep and a lamb at a Hunter Valley high school earlier this week.

Teachers at Dungog High found a four-year-old ewe and a week-old lamb on July 5, 2005 and the RSPCA says it appears they had been bashed with a metal fence post. July 6, 2005, police arrested three youths - two aged 15 and one 14, and later charged one of the 15-year-olds with aggravated cruelty.

The boy has been granted conditional bail to appear in Maitland Children's Court on July 27, 2005.
Source: ABC News - July 7, 2005
Update posted on Aug 18, 2007 - 6:44AM 


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