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Case ID: 16931
Classification: Fighting
Animal: chicken
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Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010

County: Kern

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 11 files available

» Pedro Reyna Rodriguez
» Jorge Campos
» Jesse Simental
» Manuel Miranda-Soto
» Urbano Medina

Five people likely face animal cruelty charges a day after Kern County deputies busted up a large cockfighting operation.

Deputies went to rural property at Curnow Road and South Union Avenue on Tuesday morning when they got a tip that rooster fights were underway, according to the sheriff's office. When deputies arrived, an estimated 50 suspects ran away, some leaving behind cars. A BMW 7-series and other luxury vehicles were among those abandoned by the fleeing suspects.

Five people, all from Bakersfield, were cited and released on suspicion of animal cruelty. They are: Pedro Reyna Rodriguez, 49; Jorge Campos, 29; Jesse Simental, 27; Manuel Miranda-Soto, 46; and Urbano Medina, 55.

Deputies seized two handguns, one rifle and more than $10,000 at the scene.

The property, which was reportedly being rented for $1,000 a month, had roughly 60 cages and a fighting ring. Of about 300 birds on the property, about 40 had been involved in fights when deputies arrived. Ten birds were dead and two birds had to be euthanized because they were so badly injured.

Some of the birds reportedly had razors strapped to their feet.

Animal control officers on scene said they'll keep the birds on the property until they can be destroyed. There aren't any other uses for the roosters, which have been raised their whole lives for fighting, officials said.


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