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Case ID: 16817
Classification: Theft
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Reward: $1,200
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Saturday, Oct 30, 2010

County: Alameda

Disposition: Open
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Person of Interest: Christopher Orlando Perkins, Jr.

A man accused of stealing a dog from an 80-year-old woman during a purse snatching last month now says he dropped off the animal at a Stockton park, where police think someone may have found the dog and taken it home.

Christopher Orlando Perkins Jr., 19, who was arrested Thursday, initially claimed he had sold Deuce, a 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier, and that he did not know the buyer's name, police said.

But Perkins now says he abandoned Deuce at Holiday Park in Stockton on either Nov. 1 or 2, Alameda police Sgt. Pat Wyeth said today. Investigators think Perkins is likely telling the truth about abandoning Deuce because he could have feared keeping the terrier would have identified him as a suspect in the Oct. 30 robbery, especially after the case began generating news reports.

Alameda police are now contacting police agencies, animal control officers and veterinarians throughout San Joaquin County in an attempt to trace the dog.

A reward of at least $1,200 also has been established for Deuce's return, as well as for information that leads to the arrest and or conviction of the two men who carried out the robbery.

The elderly woman told police the suspects confronted her about 2 p.m. as she was walking Deuce at Encinal Avenue and Fountain Street in Alameda.

One man simulated having a gun in his pocket as he demanded both her purse and the dog. When the woman refused to comply, one suspect grabbed the leash and pulled the 7-pound silver and light brown terrier away, while the second man grabbed her purse, police said.

The woman suffered a small abrasion on her hand, but declined medical treatment.

Shortly after the robbery the suspects used the woman's credit cards in Oakland at the Coliseum Shell station near Interstate 880 and at the Valero station on 98th Avenue near Interstate 580, police said.

Alameda police arrested Perkins Thursday night at an apartment in Stockton after local investigators got a tip he allegedly was involved in the robbery. Investigators also recovered a blue 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera that matches the one used by the suspects.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the reward fund should make the check payable to "Deuce Reward" and deposit it at Bank of Alameda, 1416 Park St., Alameda, Calif., 94501. The account number is 02017507.

Alameda police ask anyone with information about the robbery or the whereabouts of Deuce to call 510-337-8340.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Alameda police


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