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Case ID: 14297
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat
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Friday, Aug 1, 2008

County: Worcester

Disposition: Not Charged

Persons of Interest:
» Jean Merriam
» Arthur Merriam

The Health Department condemned a house after workers tipped off police about a strong odor coming from the two-family home.

Inspectors found animal feces, extensive clutter, flooding, and at least ten cats.

The responding officer described finding brown fluid on the kitchen floor. The building inspector and City Health Director wore jumpsuits and protective coverings over their faces to remove the animals from the home.

The owners, Arthur and Jean Merriam, arrived at the home and were allowed back in the home only to retrieve personal belongings.

Officials may level the building due to structural damage.

All the animals removed from the home have been taken to a shelter.


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