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Case ID: 1357
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Saturday, May 3, 2003

County: Fairfield

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Judith Ann Lytle

A South Carolina woman pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges she ran an illegal puppy mill in Stratford, and mistreated the animals. Judith Ann Lytle's plea has angered some animal activists.

Activists held a protest outside her mother's home at 61 Bridgeview Place in Stratford where the dogs were allegedly sold.

Despite a number of previous violations for animal cruelty and illegal operation of a pet shop, neighbors say Lytle keeps returning to her mother's home with a trailer full of puppies. Now, they want the state to put an end to the alleged illegal operation.

Lytle was arrested May 3 on charges of selling puppies without the proper health and rabies certificates. Police also say Lytle violated a law by transporting 6-week-old puppies without their mothers and selling them before they were 8 weeks old. Thirteen dogs were seized from the home and taken to two local animal shelters. They were quarantined and treated for a variety of ailments, including kennel cough.

Lytle pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of animal cruelty and other charges in Bridgeport Superior Court.


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