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Case ID: 12208
Classification: Mutilation/Torture, Theft
Animal: cat
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Thursday, Jul 19, 2007

County: Stark

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: 14 year old boy

Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy accused of stealing a pit bull, training it to kill cats and threatening the woman whose cat it killed.

The boy remained in the Multi-County Juvenile Attention Center today, a day after his court appearance that stemmed from the mauling on July 19 of Demon, a 5-year-old bobtail cat owned by Darlene McCauley of 1137 Dougherty Pl. NW.

A suspect in two stolen pit bull cases since the cat was killed, the boy was arrested Tuesday with cooperation from his family when he came home to sleep, said Juvenile detective Robert Kuehner. The boy appeared before Magistrate Rosemarie Hall, pleaded "not true" and was booked into the attention center.

The boy told police that a man gave him the dog as he walked with a friend at Fourth Street and Newton Avenue NW, Kuehner said.

Police reports say the boy and his 15-year-old friend went to McCauley's home on July 18 and tried to take her cat from her yard. But the cat ran up onto her porch and McCauley told them to leave. The next night, the two returned and sicced a small, red-nosed pit bull on the cat, killing it, the reports said. McCauley called police as the boys ran away, and a Stark County Dog Warden deputy seized the dog.

The next night, the boys returned and the 14-year-old threatened McCauley, Kueher said.

And on July 23, about 20 neighborhood children claiming to be his friends paid her a visit, he said. They threatened to break into her home and kill her two dogs and three kittens.

Kuehner said the boys had been keeping the dog in a vacant, three-story apartment building at 12th Street and Fulton Drive NW.

The apartment building was demolished Aug. 15. It had been declared a public nuisance.

But the dog remained at the pound on Thursday. Stark County Dog Warden Evert Gibson said his agency has euthanized at least a dozen pit bulls since the red-nosed pit bull was seized.

The boy is scheduled to appear in court at 9:15 a.m. Sept. 5 to answer to charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and felony intimidation of a crime victim, Stark County Family Court records show.


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