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Case ID: 12142
Classification: Fighting, Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: chicken
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Thursday, Aug 16, 2007

County: Hartford

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Keith Martin

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

Bloomfield police seized 17 roosters and 15 hens with various wounds Thursday after investigating an alleged cockfighting ring. Police searched 10 Sandra Drive as part of the investigation and also seized journals on cockfighting, animal antibiotics and other medications, grooming supplies, gaffs and numerous other items related to cockfighting.

The raid reportedly revealed a particularly well-run cockfighting operation. The owner of the birds, a young man who police say lived with his parents at the address, kept meticulous records and videos. Police say they will seek a warrant for his arrest on animal cruelty charges.

"This was a very organized operation," Sgt. Elvis Fabi said.

Some of the roosters had scars typically seen in fighting cocks, police said. Police said they also found veterinary drugs and surgical tools at the site, as well as metal spurs, other fighting equipment and homemade fight videos.

Some of the roosters had had the spurs on their legs surgically removed, their combs cut away, and feathers removed from their legs, rear ends and backs. Police said fighting birds often have their natural spurs removed so artificial metal spurs can be attached. Metal spurs cause serious injuries in a cockfight and these injuries are more visible to spectators if the birds' lower feathers are removed.

Police obtained a search warrant for the property after Animal Control Officer Christine Sparks heard roosters crowing when she was investigating an unrelated animal control problem on Sandra Drive several days ago.

Sparks stated in the search warrant that she saw two roosters in separate cages on the lawn outside the house. Both birds bore marks indicating they had been used in fighting, according to the warrant.

Case Updates

An arrest has been made in connection to an investigation into an alleged cockfighting operation in Bloomfield.

Keith Martin was charged with 14 counts of cruelty to animals and illegal possession of narcotics in relation to testerone investigators said was found in the home.

Police said 17 injured roosters and 15 hens were seized during a search of a home on Sandra Drive earlier in the month.

Investigators were led to the home when an animal control officer said she heard a rooster crowing at the residence, which is not zoned for poultry.

Police said journals on cockfighting, animal antibiotics, grooming supplies, gaffs and other medications were seized. Gaffs are sharpened devices that are attached to the legs of roosters for fighting.
Source: WFSB - Aug 30, 3007
Update posted on Aug 31, 2007 - 2:00PM 


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