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Case ID: 11765
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Jun 22, 2007

County: Litchfield

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Amber Lapointe

Police have charged a Torrington woman with animal cruelty after a female Rottweiler was found locked in a local apartment for several days without food or water.

Amber Lapointe, 18, of 330 Highland Ave., is free on $500 bond and due in Bantam Superior Court on July 23 for arraignment on one count of cruelty to animals. The manager of the Winchester Hotel Apartment building at 5 Elm St. notified police June 22 that Apartment 33 had apparently been vacated by the tenant, who left the dog behind.

Lapointe "hadn't been seen for a number of days, and he (the property manager) knew the dog was inside," said Deputy Chief Robert Scannell. Police obtained a warrant, and arrested Lapointe on Tuesday.

Animal Control Officer Alicia Campbell said Lapointe has signed ownership of the 92-pound female Rottweiler named Leila over to the town. Campbell has notified a regional Rottweiler rescue agency, and will interview anyone interested in adopting the dog, estimated to be about 8-years old.

"Temper-wise she seems OK," Campbell said, adding that she wants to make sure the dog goes to a new owner with Rottweiler savvy. "I definitely want somebody that knows the breed."

The dog will remain time being at the pound in New Hartford where Winsted sends its animals. Campbell will transfer the dog to a no-kill shelter if a new home is not found soon.

Anyone interested in adopting Leila should call local police at 379-2721 and leave a message for Campbell.

Prospective owners will undergo a veterinarian reference check and interview.

"We don't want her to go someplace where she won't be taken care of," Campbell said. "She deserves a good home."


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