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Case ID: 10542
Classification: Bestiality
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
Reward: $5,000
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Tuesday, Jan 16, 2007

County: Essex

Disposition: Open
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Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

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Police are looking for suspects in the apparent sexual assault of a pit bull puppy in Newark.

The Associated Humane Societies of Newark was notified at 7 a.m. January 16 by the Newark Police Department that a pit bull puppy had been sodomized by a local resident. An ambulance was dispatched to 321 Seth Boyden Terrace in Newark to rescue the injured animal.

"She was so cold to the touch, she's in shock. She's bleeding internally, and she couldn't even get up," said Debbie Beyfuss. "We're all sick over this."

According to AHS, two female residents witnessed the situation but refused to get involved.

The Associated Humane Societies has posted a reward fund of $2,500 and the N.J. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has met the $2,500, totalling $5,000.

"A reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of bestiality by this unknown perpetrator," AHS released in a statement. The female brindle/white pit bull, about 10 months old, was taken to Garden State Veterinary Specialists for evaluation and medical care.

Case Updates

Kate has been adopted by a technician that attended to her when she first arrived at Garden State Veterinary.

According to Debbie from the Associated Humane Societies:

"So many of you wanted to adopt Kate and all of the homes and families sounded wonderful. We heard from just about every state in the Union as Kate has really touched something in people.

"We were not looking forward to making a decision as to where Kate would go.

"During her stay at Garden State Veterinary hospital, Kate was attended by a young technician, Galina, who bought Kate her pink Princess pillow, many toys and loved and nurtured her through her first darkest hours. She cried when Kate left the hospital and called us every day to check on Kate's progress. She and her husband also wanted to adopt Kate and sent us a letter with signatures from all of her co-workers vouching for her as a good dog owner.

"Because of her viligence and the bond that was formed, we decided to adopt Kate to Galina. We did alot of thinking but this seemed like the right home for her. Galina also has a two year old male Lab, Sasha, who was delighted to have a playmate.

"We surprised Galina at her job with a very excited Kate. Seeing their reunion, we knew this was the right choice. I tried to take pictures but I have to admit I was crying so badly, they are not great. I will send them so you can see some of the reunion and know that this dog absolutely loves this woman. I thought her tail would wag itself off.

"I know alot of you will be disappointed and wanted to give Kate a home and I am sure all of you would have provided a great home for Kate. We just had a gut feeling on this one and it turned out to be right.

"We miss Kate, her gentleness, her playfulness, the way she slept on her pillow with all four feet in the air or slept across our feet while we worked at our desk, but seeing Galina and Kate together - it is a perfect match.

"Please join us in wishing Kate and her new family well. We received recent photos, which I will share, and she is so happy playing with her new brother. Galina did tell us that once she found the sofa and the "big bed", she ditched her Princess Pillow."
Source: Associated Humane Societies
Update posted on Feb 6, 2007 - 1:57PM 
The 10-month-old puppy who was sodomized in Newark and rushed to the hospital in near-death condition Jan. 16 is almost fully recovered.

"Kate" has been released from the hospital and is reportedly healthy, eating well and has become more at ease around humans. The Associated Humane Societies of Newark is watching over her for a week to complete oral medication prescriptions, and to re-socialized her with humans and other animals.

Kate, who was named for the veterinarian who saved her life, is ready for all necessary inoculations so that she can be adopted, AHS representatives said.

"She has become more friendly and animated. We want to ensure that she will not be fearful of human strangers," AHS' statement read. "It is our hope that this introduction to others will make her more friendly and confident as this procedure has worked very well with many other victims of cruelty that have come through our doors."

"She is a joy," AHS worker Debbie Beyfuss told 1010 WINS. "She is such a puppy, she's starting to play a lot now."

Anyone wishing to adopt Kate can go on line to and fill out an application form, contact the organization by e-mail at, or send a brief note requesting an application to Associated Humane Society, 124 Evergreen Avenue, Newark, NJ 07114.
Source: 1010Wins - Jan 30, 2007
Update posted on Jan 31, 2007 - 6:43PM 
Associated Humane Societies of Newark announced that the puppy who was sodomized in Newark last week has made great strides in her recovery.

According to AHS worker Debbie Beyfuss the puppy's doctor, Dr. Kate Palmer at Garden State Veterinary Specialists, said that the dog is eating small amounts of food and is no longer bleeding. Palmer said the puppy will soon be switched from receiving IV medication to oral medication, and will remain at the hospital so that medical staff can monitor her eating and digestion habits.

Palmer reported the canine even engaged in the typical dog behavior of trying to chew her IV feeding tube, a good sign considering the dog came in to the hospital totally listless and near death, and could barely stand up a week ago.

Beyfuss told "Kate" is quiet, but has been very receptive to people. She added that the puppy will be transferred to AHS' medical facility in Newark from the hospital in a few days to finish off any medications prescribed to her including a de-worming medication commonly given to puppies.

The dog was found on Jan. 16 in a hallway of a housing complex at 123 Seth Boyden Terrace in Newark, where police believe the assault took place. Beyfuss said the puppy was "sort of a neighborhood dog, and went from person to person and was fed by everyone in the projects."

Numerous offers to adopt the abused puppy were received by AHS, who will administer all the necessary vaccines and heartworm tests before she is adopted. But both AHS and her doctor remained encouraged by "Kate"'s status.
Source: 1010 Wins - Jan 23, 2007
Update posted on Jan 26, 2007 - 3:18PM 
Kate, the pit bull pup that had been sodomized, has greatly improved and even chewed through her IV which was giving her nutrition. She has been fed small amounts of food. There is no blood in Kate's stool and she is improving with great strides. They will be switching over her medications from IV to oral. They want to keep her to insure that she is eating and going to the bathroom normally.

Kate resting at Garden State Veterinary Specialists on a pillow donated to her.

Kate can then be transferred to the Associated Humane Societies Newark Medical Department to finish off any medications that they will be giving or recommending. They are giving her a 3 day worming medication. When she arrives in Newark, she will need all necessary vaccines and a heartworm test.
Source: Associated Humane Societies - Jan 23, 2007
Update posted on Jan 23, 2007 - 10:02PM 
A puppy that was sodomized in Newark is recovering at a New Jersey veterinary hospital, the Associated Humane Societies of Newark said.

Dr. Kate Palmer said if the dog had arrived even half an hour later, she would have died. The puppy was in shock and was extremely cold, and her body had "already started to shut down" according to representatives from AHS. She was immediately warmed and given mild sedation and fluids.

She is still sick and doctors are working to improve her condition. However, Wednesday morning, she stood up for the first time since she'd been rescued.

Dr. Palmer described the puppy's condition as "guarded."

The dog has been named Kate in honor of the doctor who is caring for her.

Debbie Beyfuss of AHS told 1010 WINS, "Hopefully Kate will make a complete recovery and be adopted to one of the many wonderful people who have offered her a home."
Source: 1010 Wins - Jan 18, 2007
Update posted on Jan 19, 2007 - 11:42PM 
A further correction to the original story is that the dog came from 123 Seth Boyden Terrace, and was found in a common hallway which is where the incident took place.

Dr. Kate Palmer of Garden State Veterinary Specialists called at 9:30 a.m. this morning to discuss the 10 month old female pit bull that we have named Kate in honor of her veterinary caretaker.

When the dog arrived at the Associated Humane Societies on 1/16 at 8 a.m., the dog was in shock and was extremely cold. AHS immediately warmed the dog, gave a mild sedation and sent her by ambulance to Garden State. According to Dr. Palmer, if she had gotten there 1/2 hour later, she would have died.

Her body had already started to shut down - dehydration, traumatic shock, watery diarrhea, all contributed to her condition.

When she was somewhat stabilized, they gave her a colonoscopy and found no internal tears but some other long-standing problems in the intestines which could be parasites, colitis, etc.

They are trying to improve her condition but this will take some time. She vomited last night, still has bloody diarrhea. This morning, she finally stood up - something she hadn't done until that time.

According to Dr. Palmer, her condition is guarded.
Source: Associated Humane Societies - Jan 17, 2007
Update posted on Jan 17, 2007 - 9:29PM 


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