Boxer Dog: Know Their Breed, Health Issues, & Personality

A wagging tail and wet nose bring happiness in abundance to your life. Being a dog parent, you would understand the amount of joy they bring, and the emotional bond with a fur baby is unmatchable.

Considering getting yourself a new fur friend? The answer is always a yes.

White boxer dogs are gorgeous and friendly fur babies that you must consider.

Finding the right breed can be a tedious task, and we are here to help you find out everything you need to know about White Boxer puppies, starting from their characteristics and health concerns to price and personality.

White Boxers Dogs: Know the Basics

White Boxers Dogs

Cute puppy eyes with a gorgeous white coat is a feature that will make you want to say yes.

White Boxers are almost identical to boxer dogs you might have seen around the neighborhood. What makes white boxers undeniably charming is their beautiful white coat.

Boxers and black-and-white boxers have numerous similarities, with the latter enticing you with their cute button eyes. Here, we will focus on understanding the basics of our favorite white boxer puppies!

1. Background and Origin

Let’s give you a little background about the evolution of white boxer puppies. Boxer dogs, as we know them today, originally played a big part in hunting and gathering, which gave them the reputation of being naturally aggressive and strong. However, with time, they were adopted as working dogs, and those little paws made their way into homes.

White boxers are originally from Germany, according to sources, and they are now a part of several families all around the US. Historically, white boxers were companions of soldiers during WWII.

It is believed that as soldiers returned from the war, they brought their white boxers along, making them popular in different parts of the globe.

2. Whitecoat

You might find yourself asking- what makes them white? Well, the answer is simple- Genes. Boxer puppies with white coats are usually born to white-coated boxers. It is unfortunate how many people still believe that the white coat is a genetic defect while it is only a genetic characteristic.

3. Patches

Boxer puppies tend to have patches, pigmentation, or marks on their body, particularly around the eye or neck. Since white boxers have this beautiful white coat, these patches become evident.

4. Eye Colour

The most endearing part about white boxer puppies is their eyes. A perfect representation of puppy eyes, they can make you say yes in a second. There isn’t a set eye color in white boxers, but you may come across blue and brown the most.

5. Shiny Coat

The gorgeous white coat has a shine that makes white boxers appear a fur of sunshine while sitting in the garden. With little care and grooming, their coat is designed to shine the brightest amongst other boxer breeds.

6. Nature

If you are looking for a dog with a friendly nature and a strong personality, look no further because white boxers are super clingy, in a good way, and friendly. Get ready for multiple jumps and licking all day.

Additional Tip – Remember that if a boxer puppy is covered in a 30% white coat with other color patches, it is considered a white boxer puppy.

White Boxer Puppies: Their life

1. 6 Months – 1 Year

6 Months - 1 Year

Weight – 25 to 35 Pound

Bringing home a newborn white boxer puppy is the best decision as they are easy to train and will get familiar with the house. In addition, a puppy would weigh around 5.5 to 9 lbs. The weight increases the most between ages 7 months and 1 year.

2. 1 Year – 3 Years

1 Year - 3 Years

Weight – 40 to 55 Pound

According to studies done by medical experts/vets, this is the period when your white boxer will undergo major changes, including height, weight, and mental development. 

3. 3 Years – 6 Years

3 Years - 6 Years

Weight – 55 To 65 Pound

Once your dog comes under this age bracket, remember that they have not fully grown. On average, a fully-grown white boxer is 22 to 25 inches tall.

4. 6 Years – 9 Years and Above

6 Years - 9 Years and Above

Weight – 60 to 75 Pound

Remember that a white boxer has a life expectancy of 9-12 years, depending on the diet and health conditions. This is the age bracket that requires extra care as their body becomes sensitive and prone to health issues.

White Boxer Breed: Pros and Cons of Adopting Them

White Boxer Breed

White boxers have the cutest little eyes that are enough to melt your heart and bring a baby home. However, before you say yes to the idea, you must explore their characteristics. Bringing a puppy home comes with a lot of responsibility. Let’s help you make a better decision with simple pros and cons


  • Appearance: Picking a fur baby based on its appearance might not sound justified, but when it serves in your favor, there is no harm. White boxer puppies have a shiny white coat, with cute little black/brown patches around their neck and sometimes eyes. Resisting their puppy eyes is nearly impossible, especially if you are a dog lover. They are usually not huge, making it easier for you to train and control.
  • Distinct head and strong body: A white boxer puppy has a broad head that appears distinct from others. In addition, they also have a stronger body and muscles. You will never be able to get enough of their erect and occasionally naturally folded ears while they lay around the living room.
  • Grooming: Grooming white boxer dogs is rather easy as they have short and single-layer coats. Unlike dogs with thick and double-layer coats, white boxers do not shed a lot, saving you from the cost of monthly professional grooming sessions. However, the job isn’t finished here as, due to their white color, these dogs tend to look mucky even after a week of washing and combing. As a dog parent, you must comb your fur baby periodically to maintain a shine on the coat.
  • AKC Registration: White boxers can be registered at the American Kennel Club. This means that your dog can participate in several dog events and get-togethers. You must remember that AKC does not allow white boxers to join the confirmation show ring.


  • Skin Problems: Since white boxers have light skin coats, they are more prone to getting skin diseases. You will have to protect them at all times from harsh sunlight.
  • Exercise: Due to their natural personality, white boxers require more physical activity than others. Meant for hunting and gathering once, they tend to have excessive energy that needs to be channeled through daily exercise to avoid destructive behavior.
  • Companionship: Being a white boxer dog parent, you will have to be with them at all times. White boxers are highly social and need attention throughout the day. If you tend to travel, then getting a white boxer is not a wise choice.

Common Health Issues of White Boxers

Bringing a puppy home is like bringing a baby home. It will require you to be attentive and shower all the love and pamper. White boxers are no different. In fact, contrary to what you might have heard, white boxers are not prone to serious health problems.

Here are major health concerns that you will have to look for as a white boxer dog parent:

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia: Since white boxers are active and super jumpy at all times, they are likely to get hip Dysplasia. To understand this hip Dysplasia occurs when the hip joint cannot fit into the hip socket. You can prevent Dysplasia from getting serious with early treatment. In the initial stage, the vet might suggest a leg sling to maintain back and hip balance.
  • Bloat: Another health issue that white boxers often face is bloat. Just as a human body is prone to bloating due to undigested food, your little fur baby faces the same issue. The easiest way to avoid or curb bloat is to focus on a healthy diet.
  • Hearing Loss: White boxers are sadly prone to hearing loss or deafness. This has been proven to be a genetic problem in many white boxers. Regardless, your white boxer can live a happy life with simple treatments.
  • Skin Issues: Like any other dog breed with a short coat, white boxers face skin issues such as canine acne, itchiness, and alopecia.
  • Sunburn: Due to their white coat, white boxers are more likely to get sunburns, which can be serious. As a dog parent, you must be more conscious while exposing your fur baby to the sun.

Quick Tips for New Dog Parents

Quick Tips for New Dog Parents

If you are bringing a white boxer home, these quick tips will help your journey as a dog parent-

  • Care: Being alert is the key for any dog parent. Make sure to take care of their teeth, skin, and coat to avoid any serious problems.
  • Socialization: Remember that your white boxer is an extremely social breed that requires constant love and companionship.
  • Diet: Being a strong and muscular breed, white boxers require a special type of diet that supports their muscle growth and overall physical development. Contact your nearby vet to create a customized diet.

White Boxers Puppies: Their Personality and Knacks

Understanding the personality of your dog plays a vital role before deciding to bring them home. White boxers are usually fun, happy, and calm dogs that do not require special treatment.

Here’s everything you would want to know about their personality:

1. Friendly

Bring home a white boxer puppy, and you will know what true friendship and loyalty means. They are super friendly dogs who tend to jump, lick, and play all day, given the right training. White boxers are safe around kids, and their wholesome personality is exactly what your kid needs as well.

2. Non-Aggressive

Since boxers were originally hunters and gathered dog breeds, they have received a reputation for being aggressive. This is not true today, as with constant evolution, white boxers have become non-aggressive and domestic dogs. All you will need to do as a dog parent is to train them properly. Well, Isn’t this the case with all dog breeds?

3. Intelligence

Now that you know that white boxers were once out there hunting, gathering, and serving in the army, there can not be any room for doubting their intelligence. White boxers are hyper-alert and smart dogs. Interestingly, they are considered independent thinkers and fast learners, making the training process fun.

4. Friendliness to Other Pets

Pets don’t tend to co-exist if you fail to train them right. With white boxers, you must be a little more attentive if cats are around the house. However, if you raise all your pets together in a friendly environment, they can co-exist.

5. Needy

White boxers have a natural tendency to seek companionship at all times. This is the reason why white boxers are often recommended for large families to stay at home with dog parents. Leaving them alone at home is not a good decision and can harm their health.

6. Adaptability

Probably the best part about their personality is their adaptability. They can easily live in apartments, crowded rooms, and fluctuating temperatures and are perfect for houses with kids.

7. Trainability

At this point, it may not come as a surprise that white boxers are fast learners and easy to train. In addition, they do not tend to bark or howl unnecessarily, making them the sweetest.

White Boxers Price: What to Expect

White Boxers Price- What to Expect

Now that you know everything about this lovely breed and have decided to get a new furry companion, it’s time to explore the prices and availability of white boxers.

Just as with any other dog breed, white boxers are also available at different price ranges depending on the availability in your area and the bloodline of the dog.

On average, you should expect to spend around $800- $2,800 if you go for a reputable breeder. The cost increases if you plan to get a white boxer with a richer bloodline. This would cost you $3000 and above.

Puppies at shelter homes are in dire need of a loving home, so if you are looking for a white boxer puppy, consider checking dog shelter homes around your area. You might find yourself a puppy for $150-$500 only.

In addition to this initial cost of getting a puppy home, you must also evaluate the cost of setting up their living space. This would include fundamental pet supplies, grooming kits, toys, etc. On average, this will cost you $350 and above.

White Boxers: Controversies and Myth Busters

If you have been researching white boxers or have discussed getting a white boxer for yourself, you might have come across many opinions. However, many of those things you have heard about a white boxer are myths or controversies that must not stop you from saying Yes to the breed. Let’s burst one myth at a time-

  • Albinos: Albinos is a term used for animals who lack melanin, resulting in lighter body color and increased chances of skin diseases. White boxers are not albinos; their white color is because of genes.
  • Rare Breed: White boxers are not a rare breed. Studies suggest that around 18%-20% of boxers are white boxers.
  • Prone to health issues: There is a general misconception that white boxers are more prone to health issues. This has no evidential backing.
  • Deafness: The controversy majorly revolves around them being deaf. Deafness is a health issue found in many dog breeds, and the chances of white boxers being deaf are only slightly higher than others.
  • Cancer: There is no medical or scientific evidence available to prove that white boxers are more prone to cancer.

Additional info – Contrary to popular belief, White boxers are the most common type of boxer dogs. In fact, according to survey reports, around 18% of boxer dogs are born as white boxers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about these beautiful white-coated fur babies, you are fit to make an informed decision. Make sure to focus on the overall personality and expenses you must cover before bringing a fur baby home, as they deserve the best at all times.

A rather happy and playful breed, white boxers are one of the finest options. Being a family-friendly breed, they tend to be loyal and loving, with high intelligence and awareness to keep the family protected. Unfortunately, there are several myths and controversies around them that have increased the number of homeless white boxer puppies.

Choosing a white boxer is a blessing in disguise that you will not be able to be thankful enough for. Think no more because these little puppies are waiting for you and a happy home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are White Boxers a Real Breed and Expensive?

Yes, white boxers are a real breed of dog. They are a type of boxers that carry particular genes that give birth to white boxers. Like any other dog breed, the price for white boxers also changes. On average, they would cost you anything between $800 to $2,800.

Are White Boxers Prone to Health Issues?

No, there isn’t any medical evidence to prove that white boxers are more prone to health issues. However, due to their light coat, there are more chances of sunburns and a few skin conditions. Since white boxers have a single coat, their shedding is bound to decrease. They require grooming to maintain the shine rather than to curb shedding.

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