Vikki Rene Kittles

Also known as: Susan Dietrich, Rene Depenbrock, Lynn Zellan
 History of interpersonal violence

Gender: Female
Location: Astoria, OR (US)


Apr 18, 2011 - Cheyenne, WY (US)
Convicted: Hoarding - 18 cats

May 1, 2002 - Cheyenne, WY (US)
Alleged: Hoarding - 48 cats and six horses

Apr 16, 1993 - Astoria, OR (US)
Convicted: Hoarding 115 dogs

Sentence: convicted on 42 of Animal Neglect in February 1995 after a 5-week trial, months of delay and years of suffering for the animals she claimed to love. She was also sentenced to spend a total of 71 days in jail for contempt. And 4 months in jail for the animal neglect. 4 years probation... more...