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Case ID: 8504
Classification: Poisoning
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Sunday, Mar 19, 2006

County: Allegheny

Disposition: Not Charged

Abuser names unreleased

A Millvale woman is mourning the loss of her pet. But her dog's death is no accident. Anna Mae Singer says someone gave her dog anti-freeze. Veterinarians tried to save him but they were unsuccessful.

Singer continues to try and make sense of what happened over the last weekend. She let her two and a half year old terrier shadow outside into the backyard. When he came back in, she immediately knew something was wrong. "When he came in from outside, he was walking around, he had no control over his legs, he had no control of his bladder, he was crying," said Singer. She took shadow to the vet. One of the first questions they asked was: 'Did she suspect someone may have poisoned him?' Singer says the only evidence is a large stain on the concrete drain behind her house. Officials say the stain looks like anti-freeze. Eventually, the vet determined it was anti-freeze. Shadow was given medication to flush the poison out but it was too late. "She said his kidneys were starting to fail and probably the best thing would be to put him to sleep rather than him suffer," recalled Singer.

As for who did it., Singer suspects it's someone from Millvale, or at least., someone who knows the neighborhood. Singer's vet told her it only takes a teaspoon of anti-freeze to kill a dog that small. She reported the case to the Millvale police, but so far, she hasn't gotten a response.


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