Edwin Criswell

Also known as: Ed Criswell
Gender: Male
Location: Marion, MT (US)


Dec 22, 2010 - Marion, MT (US)
Convicted: Hoarding - 116 cats seized

Sentence: Edwin Criswell, who has a past felony conviction, was not eligible for a deferred sentence, and so was given a two-year suspended sentence with 25 days credit for time served. He was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

Each was ordered to pay $160 in court fees and surcharges, a $500 public defender fee, $100 in prosecution fees and $270 in mediation fees. They were ordered to jointly pay $14,684.47 in restitution to the Flathead County Animal Shelter for cat food, litter, outside veterinary care and other supplies.

Both were ordered to seek and maintain employment.

Both were barred from operating or having any involvement in any kind of animal rescue operation. They were also barred from baby-sitting anyone else’s animals at any time.

Ortley said they would be allowed to keep the elderly dog they already have and could each have one companion animal that must be spayed or neutered. Before either is allowed to have a companion animal, it must be determined that they have a proper location to house the animals and the ability to care for them.
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