This matrix will allow you to quickly see whether or not your state has felony statutes in place for cruelty to animals. Click on the table header to re-sort the matrix.

There are 2 states without felony provisions for cruelty to animals: North Dakota, and South Dakota. This list was last updated on Nov 23, 2012.

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Felony:Whether there are felony provisions for animal cruelty in the specified state.
Year:Year the felony law was enacted, if applicable.
Max. Jail:Maximum amount of jail time allowable by law under the felony provisions.
Max. Fine:Maximum fine allowable by law.
Counseling:Whether state law allows mandatory counseling to be ordered as part of sentencing.
Ban:Whether state law allows for a temporary or permanent ban on animal ownership as part of sentencing.
PPO:Whether state law can include animals in protection orders (pet protective orders).

IdahoYES2012 15 years $9,000 Counseling: NONONOThird animal cruelty conviction in 15 years a felony. Felony to organize cockfighting events accompanied by drugs and gambling. 
MississippiYES2011 1 year $5,000 Counseling: YESNONOFelony for livestock. Aggravated cruelty to dogs and cats a felony on the second offense. 
HawaiiYES2007 5 years $10,000 Counseling: NONONOMisdemeanor includes all animals except insects, vermin or pests 
KansasYES2006 1 years $5,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
KentuckyYES2003 5 years $10,000 Counseling: NONONOFelony only applies to cats and dogs 
West VirgniaYES2003 5 years $5,000 Counseling: YESYESNOAll animals included in felony; §61-8-19 - a court shall prohibit convicted from owning or residing with any animal for 5 years if misdemeanor and 15 
WyomingYES2003 2 years $5,000 Counseling: NOYESNOIncludes all animals 
ColoradoYES2002 6 years $500,000 Counseling: YESYESYESIncludes all animals. Senate Bill 187: provides for mandatory reporting of animal cruelty by veterinarians House Bill 1235: specifically makes it illegal for someone to engage in a sexual act with an animal; adds crimes against an animal as a form of domestic violence; allows judges to make an animal part of a protection order (as protected property); makes it mandatory for offenders convicted of felony animal cruelty to submit to genetic testing 
NebraskaYES2002 5 years $10,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals in captivity 
OhioYES2002 1 years $2,000 Counseling: YESNONOFelony only applies to companion animals, and only on second offense 
D.C.YES2001 5 years $25,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals except rats, bats or snakes 
MaineYES2001 5 years $10,000 Counseling: YESYESYESIncludes all animals 
MarylandYES2001 3 years $5,000 Counseling: YESYESNOIncludes all animals 
MinnesotaYES2001 4 years $10,000 Counseling: YESYESNOFelony only on cruelty to a pet 
New JerseyYES2001 5 years $15,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
TennesseeYES2001 9 months  Counseling: YESYESNOIncludes all pets, and includes failure to provide food/water with substantial risk of danger or death 
AlabamaYES2000 10 years $5,000 Counseling: NONONOFelony only applies to cats and dogs 
GeorgiaYES2000 5 years $15,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
IowaYES2000 5 years $75,000 Counseling: YESNONODoes not apply to any livestock, game, furbearing animal, fish, reptile, or amphibian. 
South CarolinaYES2000 5 years $5,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals 
ArizonaYES1999 1 years $150,000 Counseling: NONONOAll animals. Class 6 felony on first offense. 
IllinoisYES1999 5 years $50,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
NevadaYES1999 5 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNOYESIncludes all animals - exceptions for rodeos and ranching 
New MexicoYES1999 18 months $5,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
New YorkYES1999 2 years $5,000 Counseling: YESYESYESFelony applies only to cats, dogs and companion animals 
VirginiaYES1999 5 years $2,500 Counseling: YESYESNODog or cat for felony on the first offense. All other animals if 2nd offense. The animal must die as a result of his/her injuries 
IndianaYES1998 3 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNONOincludes all animals 
North CarolinaYES1998 6 months $1,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals 
VermontYES1998 5 years $7,500 Counseling: YESYESYESFelony applies to acts of aggravated cruelty to all animals; any sentence less than 2 years is a misdemeanor. Defendant may have forfeited the right to ever own animals again. 
TexasYES1997 2 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNONOAll animals that are your own; State Jail felony on the first offense of most egregious, 3rd degree felony on second. It is not illegal to kill one's own animal, no matter how cruelly or by what means 
ConnecticutYES1996 5 years $5,000 Counseling: YESNOYESIncludes all animals 
LouisianaYES1995 10 years $25,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals except chickens 
OregonYES1995 5 years $100,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
PennsylvaniaYES1995 7 years $15,000 Counseling: YESNONOFelony applies only to zoo animals on the first offense, and cats and dogs on the second offense, based on deliberate cruelty 
DelawareYES1994 3 years $5,000 Counseling: NOYESNOIncludes all animals 
MissouriYES1994 5 years $5,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals 
New HampshireYES1994 7 years $4,000 Counseling: NOYESNO 
WashingtonYES1994 5 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
MontanaYES1993 2 years $2,500 Counseling: NOYESNO 
FloridaYES1989 5 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
CaliforniaYES1988 3 years $20,000 Counseling: YESNOYESIncludes all animals 
WisconsinYES1986 5 years $10,000 Counseling: NONONO 
MichiganYES1931 4 years $5,000 Counseling: YESYESNOIncludes all animals 
Rhode IslandYES1896 2 years $1,000 Counseling: YESNONOIncludes all animals 
OklahomaYES1887 5 years $5,000 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals 
MassachusettsYES1804 5 years $2,500 Counseling: NONONOIncludes all animals 
AlaskaYES 1 years $10,000 Counseling: YESNONO 
ArkansasYES 1 years $1,000 Counseling: YESNONO 
North DakotaNO 1 years $2,000 Counseling: NONONO 
South DakotaNO 1 years $1,000 Counseling: NONONOFelony provisions for bestiality only 
UtahYES 1 years $5,000 Counseling: YESNONO 

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