Pet-Abuse.Com is a national animal protection organization that researches and tracks incidents of criminal animal cruelty. We offer a wide range of service and tools for animal advocates, humane law enforcement, researchers and prosecutors.

Online Animal Cruelty Database - research cases and let your voice be heard with our Action Alerts. Pet-Abuse.Com maintains the only searchable online database of criminal animal cruelty on the Internet. Currently covering the United States, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Spain, we offer advanced search tools to allow you to search the database by location, animal, type of cruelty and more.

Convicted Abuser Search - used as a tool by humane societies, shelters and rescues across the country, we offer the ability to search our database by name, including a phonetic and alias search.

State and Local Animal Cruelty Maps - allows the public to view cases of animal abuse in their area using interactive maps.

Zip Code / County Animal Cruelty Case Lookup - using the same information in our primary database search, you can find all animal cruelty cases in your county, or look up cases by entering a zip code and the radius you'd like to search within.

Interactive Animal Cruelty State Law Matrix - provides a sortable, easy-to-understand comparison of state cruelty laws (felony vs. misdemeanor), including maximum fines, maximum jail time, mandatory counseling provisions and more.

CaseWatch - available for free to users who register on the site, animal advocates are able to select cases they wish to monitor. When an update or court date gets posted to the case, they are immediately sent an e-mail notification.

Action Alerts - our webfax technology allows animal advocates to quickly and effectively reach prosecutors to share their feelings about specific cases. The speed of fax transmissions allows us to run action alerts right up until the morning of the trial.

National CourtWatch - a listing of all upcoming court dates for the criminal animal cruelty cases in the database.

Real-time Graphical Statistics - view full-color pie charts and bar graphs that snapshot and compare important statistics about animal cruelty and those committing it.

Newsletter - our newsletter and Action Alerts e-mails help keep you informed about important news regarding Pet-Abuse.Com, animal cruelty cases, legislature and more.

Special Adoptions - listings of cruelty cases where animals involved are up for adoption or fostering.

Headline Syndication - ability to display our most recent headlines on your website.

WAP-Enabled Database Search - our database is also available from your favorite internet-capable PDA, mobile phone or other wireless device. Simply point your wap browser to

Free Caring4Animals.Com e-mail address - Show others how much you care and help us spread the word about animal cruelty by signing up for a free e-mail account.

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