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Case ID: 5463
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Monday, Aug 22, 2005

County: Passaic

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

On Aug 22 an animal control worker was sent to the location where a golden retriever mixed-breed was discovered with a broken leg, tied to a street sign on 22nd Street in Paterson.

"He had a little red collar around his neck and he was favoring his back leg," said John DeCando, the city's chief animal control officer. "He's adorable, absolutely gorgeous."

Not only abandoned but suffering and unable to get help as he was left tied to a street sign on 22nd Avenue in Paterson.

That same day, DeCando reached out to Marge Kayne, president of Start II of Bergen County, which tries to save the lives of stray, abandoned and abused animals. She took the puppy from the shelter and placed him in a foster home in Fair Lawn.

His foster parents, Janice and Michael Martin, immediately took the pup for medical care for his left back leg. He was operated on at the Animal Emergency Referral Associates in Fairfield the following day.

"We repaired both fractures to the tibia and femur in his hind leg," said Dr. Michael Singer, the surgeon who operated on the dog.

Singer declined to speculate about how the pup had sustained his injury, except to say that he had suffered a trauma.

"He's a beautiful puppy, very lovable, with a wonderful personality," said Michael Martin. "Even with four pins in his leg, he wants to lick you and stay by you."

"I just hope that he gets a good home," said Janice. "He loves a lot of attention. And he'd love a back yard."

Start II is looking for just such a good home for the pup to make up for the rough beginning. And it's looking for financial help in paying the $3,585 bill for his surgery. One way is to buy tickets for a tricky tray auction fund-raiser the organization is holding Sept. 25 at the Victorian Restaurant in Elmwood Park.


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