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Case ID: 19829
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment, Fighting
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Thursday, Dec 27, 2012

County: Sullivan

Disposition: Alleged

» Calvin McCullough
» Kenneth Walker

A week after five pit bulls were found in horrible conditions in a Rock Hill yard, a second man is now charged with animal cruelty.

Calvin McCullough, 23, was arrested at a Rock Hill motel on Wednesday. Last Thursday, Kenneth Walker, 34, was also charged.

Rock Hill police spotted a suspicious car parked in front of a home on Hagins Street on Dec. 27. While talking to two men inside, an officer noticed the dogs chained to trees in the backyard.

Police said the dogs were in terrible shape, and called animal control. One puppy was dead, still tied to a chain. Four others were horribly malnourished, and had no food or water.

They were covered with open, infected wounds that appeared to be from fighting. Two of the dogs were limping and could hardly stand up.

York County Animal Control seized the remaining four dogs and put them down within hours because of the condition they were in.

According to police, Walker admitted owning the pit bull puppy that starved to death. McCullough faces four counts of cruelty to animals.

Neighbors didn't want their names used, but told Eyewitness News they never saw or heard any dogs at the house.

"I never knew there were dogs back there, not at all," one woman said. "That's awful, and to have a dog dead, on a chain, that's terrible."

McCullough and Walker are out of jail on bond, and both faces felony charges.

Family members at the Hagins Street house didn't come to the door to answer questions on Thursday. A woman who lives at the house did tell police earlier that her nephews, McCullough and Walker, owned the dogs and she did not.


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