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Case ID: 19820
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: bird (pet)
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Friday, Nov 16, 2012

County: Du Page

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: David Skeberdis

A DuPage County man was arrested on animal hoarding charges after nearly 500 birds were found living inside his home. David Skeberdis, 57, was charged with the misdemeanor crime after local authorities were informed that multiple birds were visible inside the Aurora residence.

Law enforcement officers removed 478 birds from Skeberdis' home, according to NBC News. As is reportedly common in animal hoarding cases, piles of garbage that contained feces and uneaten animal food were also found inside the Illinois home. Possibly hazardous amounts of mold were also found inside the home where the nearly 500 birds lived.

David Skeberdis supposedly began "collecting" birds seven years ago. The bird husbandry hobby ultimately morphed in an animal hoarding scenario. During an interview with NBC Chicago, Skeberdis admitted that he is a "slob" but was attempting to give the birds a good home. If convicted on animal hoarding charges, he could face up to six months in jail.

Many people reportedly asked Skeberdis why he did not just set the hundreds of birds free when he Aurora officials threatened to remove them from his home on Shadybrook Lane last week. The accused animal hoarder had this to say about his dilemma:

"That would be completely heartless. I'm not a heartless person. Really, when I first found out the city was coming in, I wouldn't have just got rid of the birds. I wouldn't have just sent them outside. I'm not that type of person. I mean, how heartless can you be?"

Skeberdis also noted that he had spent two days preparing to turn the birds over to the Gerter Chicago Caged Bird Club so the creatures could find good homes.


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