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Case ID: 19776
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012

County: Scott

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 4 files available

Alleged: Elaine Shantey Williams

A Sikeston woman has been charged with animal neglect after an investigation by the Department of Public Safety.

Elaine Shantey Williams, 37, of Sikeston was charged Thursday with two counts of animal neglect or abandonment, a class C misdemeanor.

She was charged through Scott County Court and given a $5,000 cash or surety bond with a bond condition of "No care, custody, or control of animals."

Authorities say Williams bonded out of jail on Thursday night.

Officials with the Sikeston Humane Society say the two dogs continue to improve. However, they will have to see a veterinarian at least once per week for the foreseeable future.

Friday, an update was given on the dogs' condition, according to the Humane Society's Facebook page:

"They were both taken to Delta Vet for another check up and are doing great! They are gaining weight - Daisy alone has gained almost 5 pounds, and are a lot more attentive to people as well as less fearful. They are both now up to date on all appropriate vaccines as fully de-wormed and will start Heart Worm Treatments as soon as they are able."

"We appreciate all the offers from all of the great rescues we have been getting and we wanted to let you all know that as soon as we are given custody of them they will be transferred to SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance. They are a great group that helps countless dogs in our area and will continue to do so with these two. As of right now they are both in a foster home. We appreciate everyone's help and we will continue to up date everyone on their progress."

According to Sikeston DPS Lt. Jim McMillen, the charges stem from an August 22 investigation by Sikeston DPS on an animal abuse complaint.

DPS worked with the Sikeston Area Humane Society and Sikeston Code Enforcement to take custody of two dogs found at Williams' address on Montgomery Street in Sikeston.

Both animals were severely malnourished and seized from Williams.

DPS located Williams, who was not home at the time, and placed her under arrest for the abuse of the animals.

According to DPS, the animals had several bones plainly visible through the skin including the ribs, backbone, tailbone.

Officers say the dogs also had no food or water and were chained to a tree.

Daisy the Great Dane has had a name change. She is now Traci.

Traci (Daisy) the Great Dane could hardly stand when she came in and still can't for long. She reportedly has heart worms but has a shot at a full recovery.

"This is one of the most obvious cases of neglect that I have seen in my career," said Lt. McMillen. "Miraculously, somehow the animals are still alive."

"She can barely stand now," said Trace White with the Humane Society. "But she could take a few more steps than she used to all it takes is food and TLC."

Another small dog rescued with Traci (Daisy) named Kaylee is also doing well.

Now Traci (Daisy) will go to a rescue where she can get the best care possible.

If you would like to donate to help Traci (Daisy) and her dog friend Kaylee, visit the Sikeston Humane Society's website or to get updates go to their Facebook page.


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