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Case ID: 19711
Classification: Beating
Animal: cat
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

County: Clinton

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Name Undisclosed

There was a new development, Wednesday, after our story, Tuesday, on disturbing allegations of animal abuse in New Baden, Illinois.
Police had new plans "dig up" a kitten's body to investigate whether it was beaten to death with a skateboard.

That kitten, named Tomale (like tamale) has been buried for a week, since her owners found her in a trash can at the New Baden City Park.

The reports from the kitten's owners and area kids were so disturbing, police decided to take the remains to specialist for a necropsy: an animal autopsy.

Tomale is buried in Belleville, in the backyard of the father of one of the owners.
It`s a special little spot Zoey Geary,5, and her brothers like to go, but wish wasn`t here.
'I didn`t like when those people hurt you,' Zoey said at Tomale`s grave.
'I liked to cuddle with you,' said her big brother, Zachary.
'I wish you never died in the first place ,' said brother, Nathan.

'They now want to dig up Tomale`s body and do an autopsy on her to find out exactly how she was killed so they can determine which kid actually did the damage,' said Kristin Neu, the kitten`s owner.

She and her fiancée said more than a dozen area kids had told the same story: a teenager swatted Tomale out of the air with his skateboard, killing the 6 month old kitten, not long after Tomale had gotten away from their home a block or two from the park.

The stories backed up what Neu saw when she picked Tomale up out of that trash can.

'I just don`t see that many kids making up the same story,' Neu said. 'I saw blood and foam; her neck was twisted it didn`t look right. You could tell there was some kind of trauma to her head. She was almost completely stiff. It`s just really not fun to grab your cat out of a trash can, dead,' she said, fighting tears.

Several kids in the park Wednesday night told Fox 2 the story was true.

Obviously police are taking it very seriously. Investigators have an idea who may have been involved, but have yet to file any charges.


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