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Case ID: 19550
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull), horse, other farm animal, bird (other farmed)
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Sunday, Apr 1, 2012

County: Roane

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Jack Wayne Terry

A Roane County man has been arrested and charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty. Deputies are still searching for his wife.

Deputies arrested Jack Wayne Terry, 49 of Old Valley Road in Harriman.

Animal director John Griffin says they found dead animals both outside and inside the home. He says a neighbor called to complain after a foul smell stunk up the neighborhood.

"They were living in their feces, living in their urine, the ammonia smell was so bad in the house you could touch their fur and feel the wetness on their fur," said Griffin. "We found another dead dog in a room in the basement and he had been there, I couldn't even speculate how long it was nothing but bone and fur."

Griffin says he now has 24 dogs, 3 donkeys, and 3 horses that were seized from the home. He says now the shelter needs help taking care of the animals and finding permanent homes for them.

"The feet on the horses are in horrible shape. We are in desperate need, whether it be monetary donations, or go out and get a farrier out here to look at the horses hooves, fix them up," added Griffin.

On Tuesday, a horse gave birth to a new colt and Melissa Hamilton, a local vet specializing in large animals came to help.

"She appears to be fairly healthy, the unfortunate part is that she doesn't the Colostrum when the baby was born, so she doesn't have milk for the baby right now," said Hamilton. "They should be fine, We have a few more matters to tend too to make sure everything's going to go well. But they appear healthy at this point and time."

The animals could be up for adoption as early as Wednesday.


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