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Case ID: 19466
Classification: Beating, Stabbing
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012

County: Pierce

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Ricky Lee Knowles

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

An Orting man is accused of first-degree animal cruelty after a severely injured dog was found at his home along with bloody tools and clothes.

Police said they were called to the man's Orting home in the 1100 block of Williams Street Northwest after receiving a report of a man beating a dog with what appeared to be a hatchet.

Officers went around the home and called for the man to come out, but got no answer. Officers also pounded on the garage door but got no response. Eventually, a man identified as Ricky Lee Knowles exited the garage.

Probable cause documents said that inside the garage, officers could see a red or golden retriever tied to a pole and bleeding from head and neck. A bloody pair of pants was seen next to the dog, documents said.

A man who lived in the area told police the dog belonged a next-door neighbor, who police contacted.

Documents said the neighbor said Knowles did not have permission to have his dog, which had been in a fenced yard.

Police said the dog's owner took the animal to get medical attention for its severe injuries.

After a search warrant was obtained, officers found bloody cardboard and clothing next to the pole that the dog had been tied to inside Knowles' garage, court documents said.

A piece of wire with dog hair on it that Puyallup Animal Metro had to cut from around the dog's neck was also collected along with bloody cutting tools and the dog tags belonging to the wounded dog, documents said.

During a search of the back yard, officers found bloody gloves, a bloody garbage can and dog treats, police said. A bloody hammer with dog hair on it was found next to a blood-spattered shed, and a nearby fire pit had a plastic cover that was coated with blood and dog hair, document said.

Knowles was arrested for investigation of first-degree animal cruelty, second-degree criminal trespass and taking, concealing, injuring or killing a pet or an animal.

He is being held on $20,000 bail.

Case Updates

A Washington state man who beat a neighbor's dog with a hatchet after luring it with treats has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The Pierce County prosecutor's office says 55-year-old Ricky Knowles was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty in July to first-degree animal cruelty.

Prosecutors say Orting police were called after neighbors saw the Pierce County man beat the dog in March. They say police found the dog - Kona - in Knowles' garage tied to a pole, bleeding from severe wounds to his head and neck. They say animal control officers had to cut a piece of wire from around the dog's neck.

Dog owner Sam Hokanson says Knowles had complained about the dog's barking, but the men had spoken and Hokanson thought they had come to an agreement.

Prosecutors had asked for a 12-month sentence.
Source: KNOE - Sept 17, 2012
Update posted on Oct 1, 2012 - 4:33PM 


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