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Case ID: 19442
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012

County: Shelby

Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 2 files available

» Kameron Noel
» Anthony Dugger

As Shelby County Sheriff's deputies were checking out a suspicious vehicle, a four-month-old pit pull puppy was found tied up on the trunk with no food or water.

Deputies working routine traffic patrol on Riverdale south of Holmes pulled over a 1999 Mitsubishi with obstructed tags just after 5 p.m. on March 14. They found that the driver, 29-year-old Kameron Noel, was driving with a suspended license.

As deputies were issuing Noel a misdemeanor citation, they noticed three other passengers in the car were acting suspiciously. A background check showed that 36-year-old Kellie Rhea and 27-year-old Sheree Lynn had outstanding warrants in Memphis for Contempt of Court and in Mississippi for Forgery.

While awaiting for transport to the Criminal Justice Center, one suspect mentioned there was a puppy in the trunk of the car. Deputies found the four-month-old pit bull tied down with a rope without food or water. The outside temperature at the time was in the low 80's, the deputies noted.

Noel and 29-year-old Anthony Dugger were both charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty. Dugger also had an active warrant for misdemeanor charges in Horn Lake.

The puppy was released to Memphis Animal Control and is currently available for adoption.


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