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Case ID: 19429
Classification: Other
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Abuse was retaliation against animal's bad behavior
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Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012

County: Cook

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Stanton Howard

A Humboldt Park man was cited with animal cruelty after dragging a puppy and leaving a trail of blood while "teaching her to walk" early this morning in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, police said.

Stanton Howard, 42, of 1300 block of North Rockwell Street, was cited with animal cruelty, according to police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak.

About 2 a.m. police were called to his home because neighbors told police they saw a trail of blood leading to the door of Howard's second-floor residence, police said.

When officers knocked on Howard's door, they encountered Howard, who admitted that the blood from the 11-week old pit bull he had dragged, Kubiak said.

Kubiak said Howard told police: "This is how you teach a dog to walk."

The 11-week old black and white female pit bull suffered "severe bloody scratches" and had open wounds on its stomach. While the puppy was being walked, she was "being dragged when she didn't keep going," said Kubiak. "A trail of blood was left behind."

Another 11-week old male pit bull was found inside Howard's residence, who appeared "timid and weak," the officer said. The dogs were taken by the city's Commission on Animal Care and Control.

Animal Care Executive Director Cherie Travis said two dogs were being examined by the vet this morning. One appears to have "serious abrasions to the belly," according to Travis.

Howard, who has a tattoo on his chest of a bulldog, is scheduled to appear in court May 1, police said.

The injuries to the dogs were not life-threatening and the dogs will not be euthanized.


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