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Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012

County: Iredell

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Janet Baldwin

Case Updates: 2 update(s) available

A complaint about an aggressive dog in a Harmony neighborhood is likely to result in numerous animal cruelty charges.

Iredell County Animal Services Director Chris Royal said an officer went to a home on Whispering Road on Tuesday evening to investigate a report of an aggressive dog running loose in the neighborhood.

The officer went to the door of a singlewide mobile home owned by Janet Baldwin, smelled an overwhelming odor of urine and feces and found 28 dogs inside the house, Royal said.

She said other officers responded to the house, as did the Iredell County Sheriff's Office.

Royal said there were 32 animals on the property -- one cat and 31 dogs. There were four dead dogs found outside -- two in a single cage in a utility building and two others in separate lots outside, she said.

She said officers found a burned area behind the house and found animal carcasses. Royal said the bodies of at least two dogs were found in the burn pit, but they suspect there are probably more.

She said Baldwin surrendered the 31 dogs, most terrier mixes, to the animal services department and they are being assessed for adoption. She said several rescue groups are planning to examine the dogs to see if they can be taken into programs through these groups.

Royal said all will have to undergo examines by veterinarians to determine their overall health.

One, she said, is in particularly bad shape. "Its back legs had been chewed off by some of the other dogs and it scoots around on its behind," she said.

At animal services Thursday, some of the dogs approached the front of the cages, eager for some contact, while others cowered at the back of the kennels.

There was no water or power to the mobile home, and Royal said Baldwin indicated she lived elsewhere but did stay at that house at times.

From the front of the house there was little evidence of what was inside, she said. A wooden privacy fence shielded the view to the back of the house.

She said inside the house they found conditions typical of a hoarding situation. The dogs lived inside the house, except for a few who lived in lots outside.

Capt. Darren Campbell of the sheriff's office said a rescue group called Stayin' Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue is registered to Baldwin, and detectives are looking into the finances of that group.

"We are asking anyone that may have donated to Stayin' Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue to contact us," he said.

He said sheriff's investigators are looking to see if those donations were indeed used to assist the dogs.

Royal said animal cruelty charges are likely pending against Baldwin but it may be next week before the investigation is complete and charges are filed.

Case Updates

Veterinarians said the dogs rescued from an Iredell County home are still recovering after they were found living in horrible conditions.

The woman accused of allowing the dogs to live in the filthy conditions was released from jail, but she may end up back there soon.

The dogs removed from an Iredell County home ironically called the Staying Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue are considered the lucky ones, officials said.

"We found four dead dogs. Two were in the same cage with no food and water," said Chris Royal with Iredell County Animal Services.

Now, as Royal is working to find homes for 23 dogs seized from the home, sheriff's detectives are investigating the incident.

"We do know that at least some services and food was donated to this group from different organizations within the state," said Capt. Darren Campbell.

Campbell said he wants to know if Janet Lynn Reynolds, charged with felony animal cruelty, may have also been illegally soliciting money for what she called an animal rescue.

"(We're trying to determine if there) was any actual money exchanging because of a fraudulent group, and that has yet to be determined," he said.

A website for the shelter states donations are needed, but admits the group is not 501(c), meaning it's not an IRS-approved charity.

Detectives said they have served search warrants on PayPal accounts connected to the site and the mobile home where the dogs were found.
Source: - Mar 8, 2012
Update posted on Mar 8, 2012 - 6:39PM 
One felony charge of animal cruelty was filed against a woman after some 30 dogs were found living in a mobile home last week.

Janet Lynn Baldwin Reynolds, 47, of Labrador Drive, Union Grove, was arrested late Tuesday night on the felony charge and released after posting a $1,500

The warrant was taken out by the Iredell County Animal Services department.

The case began last Tuesday when an animal control officer went to Whispering Road, Harmony, to investigate a complaint about an aggressive dog, said Animal
Services Director Chris Royal.

At the home, she said, they found 32 animals on the property - 31 dogs and one cat.

Four of the dogs were found outside and all four were dead, Royal said.

She said Reynolds agreed to surrender all of the dogs, most of which are terrier mixes.

Royal said some have physical problems, such as one with its back legs missing, apparently chewed off by some of the other dogs. That dog, along with
some seven to eight others, were taken in this week by various rescue groups, Royal said. The Humane Society of Iredell and Lake Norman Animal Rescue are two of the groups that took in eight or nine of the dogs, Royal said.

The rest of the dogs' futures are still to be determined, she said. Some were not properly socialized and do not know how to interact with people, Royal said.

The Iredell County Sheriff's Office is still conducting an investigation into a rescue group called Stayin' Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue - a rescue that Reynolds reportedly operated, said Capt. Darren Campbell.

"We are asking anyone that may have donated to Stayin' Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue to contact us," he said.
He said investigators are looking to see if those donations were used to assist the dogs.
Source: - Mar 7, 2012
Update posted on Mar 8, 2012 - 1:25PM 


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