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Case ID: 19242
Classification: Beating, Stabbing, Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Judge(s): Kent Savoie

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Thursday, Feb 2, 2012

County: Calcasieu

Disposition: Alleged

» Robert Wayne Buller
» Robyn Gintz
» Jared Lee Constance
» Cody Micheal LeDoux

According to Chief of Police Lewis Coats, on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at approximately 6:00 pm, Sulphur Police Department were dispatched to a residence on Carr Lane in reference to an animal complaint. Upon arrival, Officer Cameron Fairchild was informed that a resident heard a dog yelping in the woods near his residence. The officer was told by the caller that he had seen two males with an injured dog.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the dog's owner, Robyn Barnes stated that her dog was sick and did not have money to have the vet to put her down. Throughout the investigation officers spoke with three other individuals who were involved of Barnes Request in attempt to put her dog down. The three eventually accomplished the goal in a very inhumane way by the use of a ball bat, knife, and a shovel.

Booked into the Sulphur City Jail for cruelty to animals were, Robert Wayne Buller, White Male, Age 18 of Long Pine Lane, Lake Charles and of Sulphur, Robyn Gintz, White Female, Age 36 of Louisiana Avenue, Jared Lee Constance, White Male, Age 21 of Georgia Street, and Cody Micheal LeDoux, White Male, Age 21 of Bradley Street. All are being held on a $2,500.00 bond per Judge Kent Savoie.

Chief Lewis Coats said, "people who are in the position where they cannot afford a vet that there are another option. They can call the Sulphur Animal Control and they can sign a surrender form and Animal Control will take care of the animal". The Sulphur Animal Control would rather people use a vet, but if there are no other options, they would take the animal.


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