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Case ID: 19147
Classification: Shooting
Animal: horse
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Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012

County: Saint Charles

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

A St. Charles County family is calling it an unspeakable act of animal cruelty. The victim is an 8-month-old horse.

Last week the Hynes family was worried because they hadn't seen their 8-month-old horse, Twister, recently. When they went down to check the property, they were heartbroken at what they saw.

Twister had been shot. The bullet went straight through her heart. Tyler Hynes says her family was devastated by the discovery.

"We had a bond with that horse, my whole family did," Tyler said. "It's just horrible thinking that someone could shoot a horse. It's just really sad."

And it's not just the Hynes that are suffering. Tyler Hynes says twister's mom, Jules, hasn't been the same.

"I can't even imagine what her mom is going thru," Tyler said. "[Twister] was there a few days ago, and now she's not. She had to witness her daughter's death. It's horrible. And it shouldn't have happened."

Left without any clues, the Hynes are hoping the public will step up with answers.

"I think it's terrible," owner Allie Hynes said. "Whoever could kill a baby horse is awful. There's no reasoning to that. There should be consequences. I just want everyone to get the word around so we can have a voice for Twister."

If anybody has information about Twister, contact Detective Ross Bishop with the St. Charles County Sheriff Department at 636-949-7900 extension 4468.

You can also visit the family's memorial page on Facebook for Twister.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
St. Charles County Sheriff Department
636-949-7900 extension 4468


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