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Case ID: 19101
Classification: Stabbing
Animal: horse
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Monday, Jan 9, 2012

County: Dallas

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Maera Ortega opened her back door on Monday morning to find a horrific scene.

"I went outside and looked and the horses were dead," she said, speaking in Spanish.

While they were sleeping, someone had stabbed the family's three miniature horses. Ortega said she had no idea what was happening.

"The only thing I saw or heard that was unusual was there was a dog barking a lot," she said.

One of the horses had been tied to a tree. All of the horses appeared to have been hit on the head.

"They knocked them out and then they stabbed them," Ortega said. "That's why we didn't hear them make a lot of noise."

The family said they bought the horses about two months ago for their children to ride and play with. They said they are devastated that anyone would do something like this.

"We have no idea who could have done this, but it has to be someone very bad for them to do something like this to the three horses," Ortega said.

For now, the family has the horses in a box while they wait for animal control to take them away. Police have launched an animal cruelty case trying to find the suspects.

Maera Ortega said she is now worried about the safety of her family, knowing someone so cruel may be nearby.


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