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Case ID: 19076
Classification: Beating, Theft
Animal: pig, goat
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Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011

County: Cedar

Disposition: Alleged

» Joshua Markus
» Tyrel Parsley
» Hunter Harper

Three El Dorado Springs High School students face serious charges after city police say they stole and severely beat farm animals, and then left them to die on the high school softball field.

Police say Joshua Markus, 17, Tyrel Parsley, 18, and Hunter Harper, 18, severely beat four goats and one piglet and then dumped the animals at the high school. El Dorado Springs School District Superintendent Mark Koca said a member of the school maintenance staff found the animals on the school softball field on Dec. 28.

"One (of the goats) was still alive. Its back feet were tied together, and it was obviously distressed," said Koca.

Police said two of the goats were dead, and a third was so badly injured that it had to be euthanized. School workers found the beaten piglet in a dumpster.

Police took the surviving goat to the city pound to recover. Local farmer Robert Hail came to the pound daily to care for it.

"He brought a hay bale immediately to the police department. He even helped us take it out there," said Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck.

Schiereck said the goat's owners never came to the pound to claim it, and Hail offered to adopt it. Hail's 4-year-old son named the goat Blue.

Police said they had not yet determined from where the animals were stolen. They said witnesses helped them identify the three high schoolers now facing serious charges for animal abuse, trespassing, tampering with a motor vehicle, and improper disposal.

"They told us what they seen and, with their assistance, we were able to get custody and hold them accountable for their actions," said Schiereck.

"This situation for these young men and young adults could impact the rest of their lives," said Schiereck.

El Dorado police said the investigation is still ongoing. They said the men involved could face more charges, possibly even a felony charge, by the time the investigation is complete.


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