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Case ID: 19047
Classification: Shooting, Beating
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Saturday, Dec 24, 2011

County: Chaves

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Robert Youngblood

Roswell police say a 25-year old man shot his family's pet dog not because the dog was dangerous but because he was in a drunken rage.

Spike, a 2-year old pit-bull mix, is in good spirits now, but he wasn't last Saturday when was shot in the leg.

"A gunshot wound, we haven't really seen in many years, but it does occur," said Joseph Pacheco, supervisor at the Roswell Animal Shelter.

Roswell police were called to a home for a violent domestic disturbance Christmas eve.

Police said Robert Youngblood's wife called them from a locked bedroom saying her husband was drunk, had a gun and had shot their family dog.

According to the police report, Youngblood had come home from a Christmas party drunk.

His wife told police he came into her bedroom holding Spike by his collar. He then started punching the dog and yelling, "This is what you get," according to police.

Police said this level of violence toward a family pet is almost unheard of.

"Not in a situation like this," Officer Erica O'Bryon said. "I mean the dog gets violent, and they've had to euthanize the dog and that kind of stuff--different story.

"Five years I've never seen something like this."

Pacheco said Spike was lucky the bullet went all the way through and missed any bones or arteries.

"It could make him kind of skittish toward people now, but I think he'll be alright," said Pacheco.

Youngblood is charged with extreme cruelty to animals and negligent use of a firearm.

Police said it's still unclear if Spike will be released back to the family.

Police did take several guns from Youngblood's home. Youngblood bonded out of jail the day of the shooting.


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