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Case ID: 18857
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011

County: Maricopa

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Joe Rivera

Maricopa County Sheriff deputies arrested a Phoenix man Wednesday for allegedly neglecting his 90-year-old mother, forcing her to beg for food from neighbors.

Deputies arrested Joe Rivera at the home where he lived with his mother.

According to court documents, an adult protective services investigator called the sheriff's office to report Rivera was abusing his mother by not "maintaining a safe and healthy living condition."

When deputies showed up, they reported the home smelled like urine and feces coming from the mother's portable potty and from six dogs in the house.

Court records indicate the toilet and bath did not work.

Deputies also noted there was little food in the house.

When investigators talked with neighbors, some told deputies the woman had come to them for food and water for the past two years.

Neighbor Robert Sanchez told ABC15 Rivera's mother asked him for food a few times.

"She just said she wanted some food or money," said Sanchez. "We always gave [to] her, you know. We didn't expect nothing of it because she's been a long-time neighbor."

Rivera was booked into jail for adult abuse and animal cruelty charges.

Deputies said three of the six dogs found in the home appeared malnourished.


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