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Case ID: 18777
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: horse
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Sunday, Oct 23, 2011

County: Lauderdale

Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 2 files available

» Doris Anita Holden
» Samuel Renay Campbell

Over the weekend, Lauderdale County investigators followed up on a phone call about several neglected animals. The investigation led them to a home off Lauderdale County Road 107, in Killen. Officials say when they arrived at the house they never expected to see the horrifying images of helpless horses.

"To see this is heartbreaking for anyone who has owned animals or have animals of any sort," said Lauderdale County Chief Deputy Jr. Witt.

The two people charged with the heartbreaking scene are Samuel Renay Campbell, 43, and Doris Anita Holden, 56. The two are charged with animal cruelty.

"If they can't take care of them they should give them away," said Witt.

Instead officials say because of the extreme conditions, extreme measures were ultimately made. A veterinarian had to euthanize one horse.

"(They had) very little water, they had no food, no shelter and therefore they were basically left to die," said Witt.

Detectives say two other severely malnourished horses went into survival mode eating tree bark and pieces of wood, in a desperate attempt to stay alive. The two surviving horses are now thriving.

Both Campbell and Holden have been released from the Lauderdale County Detention Center. If convicted the two face up to six months and jail and a fine up to $3,000 for each charge.

The two surviving horses were taken to the Singing River Equine Rescue in Lauderdale County.


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