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Case ID: 18711
Classification: Stabbing, Beating
Animal: cat
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Monday, Oct 10, 2011

County: Snohomish

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Stephen R. Seiders

A Marysville man with the U.S. Navy is facing animal cruelty charges after, police said, he left one of his shipmates a voicemail that he had killed his cat.

Stephen Seiders, 22, faces one count of first-degree animal cruelty in the case.

An NCIS agent said she received the initial report from Seiders' master chief, who said that Seiders' shipmate had received a voicemail from Seiders in which he said he had "just killed his cat," according to probable cause documents. NCIS forwarded the case to the Marysville Police Department, which received a call from a Child Protective Services worker that Seiders had killed his cat with an axe.

Seiders' wife told police that she had arrived home from a trip to Oregon and noticed the cat was gone, according to the documents. She asked Seiders several times where the cat was and he said he didn't know. Eventually, Seiders' wife said he broke down crying and told her he was sorry and wanted to bury the cat, which he had hidden in a t-shirt under the porch at the family's home.

Police found the cat's body and an axe at the scene, according to the documents.

Seiders was later taken to the Marysville jail.

Prior to police coming to Seiders' home, he had a protection order issued by the Navy to stay away from his wife and their two daughters.


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