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Case ID: 18639
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Friday, Sep 23, 2011

County: Vanderburgh

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: William Ray Saponka

An Evansville man is facing charges of animal cruelty for allegedly leaving his two dogs alone in a vacant home without food or water. Animal control responded to a complaint about animal neglect in the 2800 block of Edgar Street Friday - leaving a notice of the complaint on the door.

Workers returned Saturday and Sunday - only to find the notice still at the door.

When police and animal control arrived at 2808 Edgar St. Sunday afternoon - they found weeds so tall they'd been flagged by the city, a full mailbox, and a door with a legal summons and animal control notice on it.

The home appeared to be abandoned. That is, except for the emaciated dog they could see through the window. Officers say the dogs was surrounded by feces and standing in a pool of urine. When officials entered the home - they rescued a Pit Bull they say could barely stand.

But they later found out the dog wasn't alone. "They only had reports of one dog and were leaving when they heard another dog locked in a bedroom and went back," says Karen Kajmowicz, Evansville Police Department Public Information Officer.

The officer broke into the bedroom, and found a white puppy - which they say was even more emaciated than the first dog. In a police report the officer says the puppy's bones were clearly defined through its skin. Animal control took both dogs away.

Police arrested William Ray Saponka on charges of animal cruelty. Evansville Animal Care and Control Superintendent Monica Freeman says animal neglect happens all too often. "They're facing criminal charges," says Freeman. "Don't let it get to this point. There is help out there. Life happens and we understand that--there's no excuse to let it get this bad."

Saponka told police that a friend was supposed to be taking care of the animals. Saponka's mother told police that her son said he got rid of the animals some time ago.

Freeman says she hopes the animals will be back to good health after some groceries and lots of "TLC."

The dogs will be available for adoption once they are back in good health.


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