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Case ID: 18626
Classification: Stabbing
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Drugs or alcohol involved
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Prosecutor(s): Evert Fowle

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Thursday, Aug 11, 2011

County: Kennebec

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: James R. MacInnes

A Pittston man accused of threatening his wife and stabbing her dog has entered guilty pleas to two charges related to the incident.

James Macinnes, 29, pleaded guilty to the charge of domestic violence terrorizing and cruelty to animals on Tuesday in Augusta District Court, Kennebec County District Attorney Evert Fowle said. He was sentenced to 364 days in jail with all but 30 days suspended and two years probation. He must also participate in a certified batterers intervention program, which is a year-long program

Macinnes allegedly threatened his wife at a Yeaton Road home in Pittston and stabbed her dog on Aug. 11. The pit bull mix survived the stabbings.

He must also have no contact with his wife, get substance abuse counseling, not use or possess any drugs or alcohol and must submit to random search and testing, and must not possess any animal, Fowle said.

Macinnes will begin his jail term on Friday.

He has previous convictions for assault and drunken driving.


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