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Case ID: 18611
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Sep 2, 2011

County: Howard

Disposition: Alleged

» Don Lambert
» Brenda Lambert

Humane society director Jean McGroarty said all of the dogs taken from Don and Brenda Lambert's property on Apperson Way North have survived, but said a number of the animals have already been placed in foster care.

The owner of Don's Dogs has given up ownership of the more than 100 animals seized from his home, allowing the Kokomo Humane Society to begin adopting the dogs out.

Don Lambert is facing an animal cruelty charge after his home in Kokomo, which doubled as a space for his pet-adoption business, was raided on September 2. Investigators found 109 dogs living in deplorable conditions and immediately handed them over to the Kokomo Humane Society.

"A lot of the dogs were matted, a lot of them were covered in fecal matter or urine and most of them had flea infections," said Jean McGroarty, the shelter's Executive Director. "I haven't seen so many come in at once, and so many who are in need of care and grooming and medical attention."

The raid followed several formal complaints to the Howard County Prosecutor's Office.

"This is by far the worst animal hoarding situation I have ever seen in over 25 years of veterinary practice," Kokomo vet Todd Cooney wrote in a statement.

In the past three weeks since the raid, most of the dogs have been closely monitored by the shelter staff, although about 30 of them were placed in foster care.

Lambert's release of his rights to the dogs this week means the shelter can begin finding the animals new homes.

"A lot of these animals have medical issues, so they are going to require vet care and that's going to cost money," said McGroarty. "A lot of them have behavioral issues, so they are probably going to need to be house-trained all over again."

Despite this huge time and financial commitment, McGroarty said five of the dogs already have been adopted this week.

"It's just fun to watch the transformation of these dogs. They're groomed and they feel better," said McGroarty. "They are sassier and perkier."

The Kokomo Humane Society also has begun making arrangements with other shelters across the state to take some of the dogs. The Indianapolis Humane Society took five of the dogs Thursday, and the Grant County Humane Society has agreed to take some, as well.

The court date for Lambert is still pending.


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