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Case ID: 18491
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011

County: Texas

Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 3 files available

Alleged: Cindy Meeks

After deputies cited their owner for the fifth time, abused animals from Mountain Grove are being treated at two separate locations. Neighbors say the starving animals would devour livestock just to stay alive.

The Animal Shelter of Texas County is over capacity and could only take in some of the dozens of rescued animals. Diana's Grove an independent shelter is caring for the rest.

Jose Kennedy says because his neighbor's dogs had no food they preyed on at least 20 of his chickens. "He is pretty quick he'd come out grab one and back up the hill he'd go," Kennedy said. "They'd have a litter of pups every month. There are dogs in the house dogs everywhere."

Deputies cited their owner Cindy Meeks, 43, four times for animal abuse. After giving her a fifth citation they seized the dogs. She forfeited them to the animal shelter. "Probably 15-18 were stuck in the house a few were tied to trees," Animal Shelter of Texas County Board Member Stacey Rasmussen. "Most have mange, skin allergies, fleas, ticks; living in your own feces is not the greatest situation. They were very skinny."

The officer stated that large amounts of feces and urine were found throughout the home and that roaches were crawling on walls and maggots were in several spots on the kitchen floor.

One dog, Mercedes, was so skinny rescuers did not know she was pregnant. They can't treat her mange until her puppies are weaned. "A lot of times these hoarding situations come about because of well intentions," Rasmussen said. "As they start breeding, it gets out of hand." The Animal Shelter of Texas County is full and forced to turn away animals. "Spay and neuter is key," Rasmussen said.

Neighbors are thankful shelter workers could rescue 23 animals from a home filled with maggots and cockroaches and grateful the dogs will eat something other than their livestock. The animals rescued from the seizure will be rehabilitated and available for adoption in about six weeks. Deputies say three dead dogs were also reportedly observed near the ones tied to trees.

The Mountain Grove seizure is the fourth hoarding rescue this year for the Animal Shelter of Texas County. Rescuers say the best way to stop the cycle is to spay and neuter animals. The shelter offers low cost services at least twice a year. For more information visit www.tastc.comor call (417) 967-0700.


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