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Classification: Fighting
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Sunday, Aug 7, 2011

County: Baldwin

Disposition: Alleged

» Lisa Stuart
» Salvador Fabian-Guerrero
» Jose Davida-Rodriguez
» Rogelio Lemus-Fabian
» Salvado Fabian
» Juan Fabian
» Ancelmo Lemus-Huerta
» Pedro Lemus
» Santiago Enriquez-Guardian
» Melchon Lemus
» David Enriques Acuapa
» Reyes Fabian
» Francisco Mendoza-Estrada
» Ramon Jose Chavez
» Roman Tobon
» Adrian Enriquez
» Sabastian Leyva Rangel
» Roberto Caballero

Fairhope police arrested 18 Baldwin County residents on gambling and animal cruelty charges Sunday after busting a cockfight in a wooded area off Red Barn Road, police said Monday.

Of those arrested, 12 are thought to be undocumented aliens, Fairhope police said.

At about 12:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon, dispatchers received a report of a cockfight taking place in the area. On arrival, officers found a wire-mesh cockfighting ring, dead fighting birds, caged roosters and paraphernalia associated with cockfighting.

The following people were charged with conspiracy to promote gambling, cockfighting, and cruelty to animals:

Lisa Stuart, 49, of Fairhope.
Salvador Fabian-Guerrero, 20, of Foley.
Jose Davida-Rodriguez, 42, of Fairhope.
Rogelio Lemus-Fabian, 35, of Summerdale.
Salvador Fabian, 25, of Foley.
Juan Fabian, 67, unknown address.
Ancelmo Lemus-Huerta, 55, of Foley.
Pedro Lemus, 38, of Foley.
Santiago Enriquez-Guardian, 38, of Foley.
Melchon Lemus, 26, of Foley.
David Enriques Acuapa, 33, of Silverhill.
Reyes Fabian, 39, of Fairhope.
Francisco Mendoza-Estrada, 24, of Summerdale.
Ramon Jose Chavez, 27, of Summerdale.
Roman Tobon, 40, of Elberta.
Adrian Enriquez, 40, of Silverhill.
Sabastian Leyva Rangel, 23, of Summerdale.
Roberto Caballero, 42, of Summerdale.

According to the investigation, the promoters were charging admission and selling alcoholic beverages to attendees.

In all, 20 live birds were seized and are being held by Fairhope Animal Control for evaluation. Several birds at the fight had already been killed; some had been placed in holes for burial.

Several juveniles were also present, aged 10 to 14. They were not charged and were released to other family members.

Fairhope investigators are working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to determine the correct identities of 12 of the arrestees. The undocumented aliens are being held at the Fairhope Municipal Jail at the request of ICE in accordance with federal regulations.


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